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How Much Time Is Required Between 2 Umrah?

Umrah is also called a minor Hajj which has the real meaning of pilgrimage because the word Umrah is derived from Itimar. Hajj is performed only at a specific time of the year while Umrah can be performed at any time of the year. The total number of Hajj rituals is 12 while the total number of Umrah rituals is only 4. Muslims can perform four rites of Umrah on any one day of the year. But a confusing question is here “How much time is required between 2 Umrah?”

How many days are required to perform Umrah?

Umrah can be done in a few hours If you get the best Cheap Umrah Package from the best travel agency. This package will get a direct flight, the best transport, and the nearest accommodation to Masjid Al Haram and Al Nabawi. If you want an Umrah to guide, you can also get it in this cheap package.

How to do Umrah in less time?

In the old days, the only way to reach Saudi Arabia was to Medina and Jeddah. Because the Umrah visa holders could not go to Riyadh or any other Saudi city except the two cities. Today, the Saudi government has changed the rules for performing Umrah for Muslims. Holders of all types of visas can perform Umrah and go to any city without any restriction whether they are travelling with an Umrah visa, visit visa, business visa, family visit visa etc.

Upon arrival at any airport in the city, a passenger has the choice of each type of transport. But the nearest airport is only Jeddah from Mecca more than any other. Taxi sharing is usually used by foreigners but sometimes it is not good for everyone as you may not like being with anyone. A traveller can book his private transport in the selected Umrah package if he wants to get rid of all the tension of reaching Mecca.

After reaching Mecca, the Umrah Tawaf can be completed in an hour and a half. Sometimes, people perform it within 2 to 2.5 hours if the peak season of Umrah is going on. The next stage of Umrah is Sa’i after Tawaf. In Sa’i, people run between the hills of Safa and Marwa.

Normally, a normal person can complete it in 1 and 1:30 hours. The last ritual of Umrah is to cut and trim the hair. Barber shops are located around the Masjid al-Haram for cutting and trimming hair. Because it is forbidden to leave ihraam without cutting or shaving. Therefore, one can choose to leave ihram by cutting or trimming one’s hair. If the pilgrim is a man, it is better to shave his head. But women should cut their hair.

How many days will it take to perform Umrah again?

In Saudi Arabia, Many Muslims who are not living in the city of Mecca, especially perform Umrah in Ramadan because it is a more holy month than the others.

Some of them perform Umrah every week of Ramadan. In the point of view of several scholars, anyone can perform Umrah several times when he can perform the last ritual of Umrah; Halq and Taqsir.

The act of Halq is suggested for men and the act of Taqsir is suggested for women. Halq; shave the head entirely & Taqsir; cut the hairs only for one fingernail. Therefore, scholars say if your hairs again cover the head then you can perform Umrah again and hairs cover the head in 7 days or 10 days.

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During the reign of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), at the moment of the last sermon of pilgrimage, Hazrat Ayesha (RA) did Umrah twice within a space of fewer than 20 days. Here, we have an example of Ayesha (RA), performing 2nd Umrah in a short interval of 20 days.

Especially those Muslims who are living outside of Saudi Arabia, want to perform multi Umrah in one trip. As they want to perform Umrah from the side of their parents and relatives.

Some of them want to get more and more rewards, to perform Umrah in multi times. In our societies, such travel agencies are present which will help us if we want to perform Umrah.

First of all, these agencies help to get Umrah Visa from the Saudi embassy and secondly, agencies arrange the best Umrah Packages all inclusive. In these packages, we can get the cheapest flights, transportation, and hotels. If anyone gets these all things in this journey then surely it will be memorable for him/her. So, People can easily perform 2 Umrah or multi with the best selection.

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