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How can project management help the educational sector? Bitrix24 Review

Education is changing rapidly. There are many new technologies that can be used to assist students, teachers, administrators, and other staff at these centers. Education also benefits from large cloud databases, communication tools, and data processing software. They can store, analyze, and collect data from students to understand their behavior, characteristics, and promote academic activities. Bitrix24 review highlight the CRM tool’s potential to make such contributions at schools, colleges, universities. Therefore, They can plan and stay informed using the system’s features, even in virtual environments.

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 CRM software is free and open-source. It is designed to improve communication and management. It is suitable for small and large companies, especially those working in the education sector. A wide range of features that can be used to organize contacts, messages, tasks and deadlines in one place. The system supports web-based apps. Users can also download the mobile app to their mobile device.

Bitrix24 users have access to many tools and modules through the wide range of features. They can integrate it with their school’s existing system or customize it to meet their specific needs. It’s a collaborative software that allows school employees to collaborate to maintain the educational standards of any institution. The dedicated module allows them to monitor their progress and track their tasks. Bitrix24’s flexibility, affordability, and adaptability make it a great choice for any business. Here are some ways that academia can benefit.

Limitations of eLearning

Monitoring and tracking students can be difficult, especially when they are learning online. There are tools that allow educators to access personal data and gain the information they need. To address student learning needs, educators can refer to previous qualifications and academic performance.

The systems that were in place before did not include important variables like the number of students accessing the online course material, the time they spend on it, or what contribution they made to class activities. Bitrix24 has introduced new tools and features that can be used for e-learning. Collaboration features are helpful in all e-learning environments. However, They apply concepts such as monitoring, collecting and integrating to create a holistic solution.

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Providing Additional Resources

Because it has an impact on student performance, educators must build a relationship with students. Teachers are often evaluated on the level of satisfaction they have with their teaching methods and style. An educator’s performance can be tracked using a CRM tool. This includes their lectures, extra assistance and ability to address student concerns. Bitrix24 reviews highlight the form templates and report generation that Bitrix24 provides, which can help academics identify problems early and give constructive feedback when necessary.

Easy Follow Up

Educational CRM systems allow institutions to find the right balance between teaching and learning. By following a set sequence, teachers can connect with students and send reminders for the next steps. Bitrix24 demo is able to help schools answer potential students’ questions, especially those interested in enrolling at the school. After analyzing the interaction, the software prompts educators to follow-up after a set amount of time.

Sometimes students feel hesitant asking questions. These interactions can help them to be more open to discussing their thoughts. It is not necessary to keep track of all exchanges manually. Therefore, Teachers can use smart systems to send automated replies or monitor communication.

Automated Lists

Bitrix24 reviews highlight the fact that the software automates many tasks. This is probably the most popular feature. It can create lists of questions and sort them according to who and what topic. This is very helpful when answering students’ questions. In case of any extra-curricular concern, they can quickly pull up the file and refer it to them.

It will ensure that academic staff are always up-to-date with student issues and know who to contact if they have specific questions. The software can filter out important messages, track details and keep track of any one-on-1 meetings with students. The software can track progress and monitor productivity. However, This frees up teacher time to do what they love best: teach.

Integrates CRM

An educational institution can connect the customer relationship management software to their existing system, consolidating all of their tasks, projects, and activities in one location. Because it uses multiple applications, the demo of Bitrix24 will be robust and solve many problems. The platform allows users to upload and share files with other teachers. Therefore, It simplifies the scheduling process and makes it easier for educators to keep track of missed or rescheduled classes.

Bitrix24 can handle all communication, internal and extern, with enhanced security features. You can also use it to access intranet services like file-sharing and Wiki. Once the software has been granted access rights, users can also make and receive phone calls using the software. However, For a system this large, the search capabilities are very sophisticated.


Bitrix24 users rate it highly for software for system operations. It streamlines, automates and enhances all projects. A variety of management features, including time tracking and planning that can be used to benefit all educational platforms. Therefore, It can be connected to their email client and personal calendars, making it easier to schedule classes or meetings with students.

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