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House Shifting Disasters and How to Avoid Them

House shifting is a nerve-racking activity, even at the best of times. And when it goes wrong, it can become worse than a nightmare. Here, in Moving Solutions, we connect you to genuine and verified packers and movers through our experts in the calling domain.

Through them, we got a detailed perspective on the terrible house shifting experiences of various clients before they came to us. Moving Solutions experts receive calls every day from clients who are victims of disastrous house shifting in the past and want us to help them avoid such misfortune in the future.

Here are some of the worse scenarios that you can face during your house shifting process along with the ways to avoid them:

Last Minute Cancellation

Every industry has a peak season and a nadir period in a year.  In the case of the packers and movers industry, summer is the peak season. During this time they are high in demand and their dates are booked throughout the season. If you want to shift on very short notice, you might not get a time slot free from their end.

Even if you somehow find a moving company with a free time slot, you will not be in a position to choose the best packers and movers as per your preferences and budget. You might have to compromise with your choices.

In such cases, there are chances of the moving company ditching you at the last moment for another client who is paying them higher prices for their house shifting. Since they are flooded with house shifting bookings, it is easier for them to play such stingy games.

According to our calling department at Moving Solutions, there have been quite a few incidents of last-minute cancellations. Clients are dumbfounded, left hanging without any backup, and have no options of further getting another moving company that can save them in such difficult conditions.

Our moving experts suggest you plan your house shifting much ahead of time and book services from a reputed packers and movers company.

A reputed moving company will never cancel your booking at the last moment to cater to another client who would pay them a few extra bucks. For them, their repute is more valuable than that little extra money that they would earn by deceiving you.

Moreover, while finalising the deal, make sure that you have everything on the proper company invoice. This will ensure that you have proper evidence of the booking.

Moving Scams

One of the most dreaded words in the entire vocabulary is “scam.” Nobody wants to get scammed but those who get feel shattered to pieces within a few seconds of realising it. The packers and movers trade is one of the most fraudulent businesses worldwide.

The continuous rise in the number of scams by the rogue packers and movers companies has created a terrorising situation for the people who want to shift.

At Moving Solutions, we have been dealing with the victims of moving scams in the past. They are so traumatised by their experiences that they keep on pleading repeatedly for finding them an moving company within their budget.

Even if the charges exceed their budget, they would still manage to move with an expensive but authentic moving company. This is the extent of how much the moving scam confounded them from within.

To stay protected from moving scams, consider following these procedures. While selecting the packers and movers company according to your requirements and budget choose IBA-approved packers and movers.

IBA or “Indian Banks Association” is a representative body of the banking sector that provides you with the approved and authenticated packers and movers companies in India. As per IBA norms, they approve only those moving companies that are licensed and registered.

Furthermore, verify the legal documents of the moving company and never pay the entire house shifting charges in advance. Avoid monetary transactions in cash. Visit the office of the shifting company and ask them to produce a genuine bill for their services.

Belongings getting Lost or Damaged

Life is unpredictable and every single thing that comes along with it reminds us of its unpredictability. During house shifting, there can be some unprecedented incidents that may lead to damage to your belongings. There can be a situation when the entire consignment gets lost. It is very heartbreaking to find your belongings misplaced or in a damaged condition.

Our experts at Moving Solutions have dealt with such victims who lost their belongings or got them delivered in a damaged condition. Their past experiences make them look out for careful, and genuine movers who can handle their belongings with great care. We have the right solution for them as well. Choose a certified and experienced moving company.

Certified moving companies value the personal belongings of their clients and their emotions attached to them. Their reputation is at stake if there is any loss or damage of belongings. That’s why they ensure that the consignments are carefully moved from one house to another without any damage.

But just in case, there is any loss or damage of the belongings. the moving company proffers in-transit insurance to their clients to incur their monetary losses. You should make sure that you avail in-transit insurance to protect your belongings on the go and stay safe from such disasters.

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Your Call After All

House Shifting is a meticulous activity that requires in-depth planning, budgeting, decision making, and systematic execution. The whole procedure is elaborate and confusing but that should not divert you from doing what needs to be done.

“Prevention is better than cure” and therefore, you should consider taking safety measures before it is too late. Nobody wants to be victimised by the shady and fraudulent packers ad movers and meet a horrendous fate. Yet it is getting very common these days. More and more people are falling prey to house shifting disasters and cursing their destiny.

 You can avoid being a sufferer of house shifting disasters by choosing the right moving company for you. If you are unsure of their whereabouts, call Moving Solutions for assistance. Our experts are prompt and always willing to help you find the best movers according to your requirements, budget.

We are partnered with the movers throughout India and we cater to every nook of every locale. Our leads are verified and we recommend only the IBA-approved authentic packers and movers for your house shifting requirements. Moving Solution is the one-stop solution to safe and happy moving.

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