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Hotel cleaning for a quality experience

Cleanliness is one of the key factors ensuring the success and sustainability of hotel establishments. Indeed, hotels must maintain a maximum level of hygiene, since the state of cleanliness contributes to the commercial success of the establishment. Cleaning a hotel can therefore be a strategic competitive advantage.

In addition, the cleanliness of a hotel directly contributes to the reputation of the establishment. In other words, questionable cleanliness will necessarily lead to a decrease in attendance.

Hotel establishments are subject to fairly drastic cleanliness conditions. Failing impeccable cleanliness, they may be penalized in the event of a health check.

This article, explains the specifics of cleaning in the hotel industry, its stages, and the advantages of using a professional cleaning company.

What is meant by hotel cleaning?

Cleanliness is one of the essential services of a hotel since customers are very demanding in this area. Hygiene is, therefore, a guarantee of success for any hotel establishment.

Visual cleanliness guarantees the brand image of a hotel. Hotel cleaning, whether it is after a re-bed or after the departure of a customer, meets reinforced hygiene needs by standards in force in the hotel sector. 

Indeed, carrying out cleaning in the hotel industry requires appropriate means and techniques so that each intervention is flawless and that the rooms are in perfect condition for the customers.

Like office cleaning and the cleaning of large surfaces, cleaning in the hotel industry calls on all the skills of industrial cleaning.

Furthermore, hotels are faced with a constant variation in their occupancy rate. This means that the rooms do not necessarily have to be cleaned daily. Hence the need to adapt the services of cleaning companies which can offer daily services and/or tailor-made services according to needs.

What are the benefits of a hotel cleaning service?

Maintenance and cleaning services in the hotel sector include several services, including:

  • Window cleaning  ;
  • Dusting, vacuuming, and washing surfaces;
  • Dusting of furniture, baseboards, and equipment;
  • The ventilation of the rooms;
  • Maintenance of ventilation and ventilation ducts;
  • Disinfection of manipulated contact areas such as door handles, elevator buttons, hand passes, etc. ;
  • Cleaning of landings and stairs,
  • The vacuuming of carpeted floors;
  • Carpet and rug cleaning;
  • Washing tiled floors;
  • The specific treatment of floors such as parquet, marble, etc. ;
  • Restoration following construction work or various types of damage: disaster, fire, etc. ;
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities;
  • Disinfection of toilets;
  • Checking that appliances are in good working order (shower, sink, tap);
  • The supply of linen, hospitality products, and consumables;
  • Linen hygiene: sheets and towels;
  • Recoats and clearing of bedding;
  • The specific cleaning of the catering areas and the hotel kitchen;

Ensuring the complete cleaning of a hotel requires several services that can be categorized as follows: 

Cleaning inside the hotel

The rooms

  • Vacuuming, polishing, and drying floors;
  • The application of bactericide and fungicide on carpets;
  • Dusting, cleaning, and polishing of furniture and woodwork: cabinets, dressing rooms, shelves, headboards, desks, TV cabinets, etc.
  • Disinfection of toilets, cleaning, and disinfection of showers and bathtubs, soap dishes, heated towel rails;
  • Replacement of consumables;
  • Window cleaning: washing, drying, polishing;
  • Replacement of bed sheets;
  • Replacement of towels, etc.

The common areas of the hotel

  • Cleaning of floors in corridors, floor landings, and the lobby: vacuuming, disinfection, application of detergent, collection of rubbish, polishing, drying, etc.
  • Disinfection of parts in contact with hands: elevator buttons, timers, switches, drink and snack machines, etc.

 Cleaning the exterior of the hotel

  • Cleaning of car parks: vacuuming and sweeping floors;
  • Maintenance of garbage rooms;
  • Maintenance of green spaces: a collection of rubbish, watering plants and beds;
  • Cleaning of relaxation areas: swimming pool, terrace, etc.

Why use a specialist cleaning company for hotel cleaning?

In the hotel sector, it is essential to maintain a maximum level of hygiene inside and outside each establishment, as this impacts its commercial success and reputation. Indeed, the general upkeep of a hotel is essential, from furniture to beds, including entrance halls and water areas. 

To maintain a clean and comfortable hotel, two alternatives exist. The hotel manager can choose between:

  • Recruitment of internal cleaning staff;
  • The use of an external service provider responsible for the maintenance of the rooms and the various areas of the hotel, both inside and outside.

When choosing a cleaning service provider for a hotel establishment, it is important to consider several elements, starting with their experience and know-how. The cleaning company must enable the hotel establishment to meet the hygiene standards in force. And this by

  • The provision of staff who have undergone cleaning training relating to the specificities and requirements of the hotel industry;
  • The use of products adapted to each cleaning service;
  • Use of techniques and methods specific to hotel cleaning;
  • The use of devices, equipment, and materials adapted to the specificities of the internal and external of the hotel establishment.

Cleaning equipment

There are many equipment and materials suitable for cleaning in the hotel industry. We can find :

  • The cleaning trolley includes all the elements necessary for cleaning: products, clean linen, welcome products, trash bag, dirty linen bag, etc.
  • Sponges or microfiber cloths of different colors to avoid cross-contamination;
  • A dust extractor that is light, resistant, easy to use, and maintain;
  • The mono brush which is a good solution for polishing floors or cleaning carpets;
  • A telescopic handle and Wolf’s head brush for hard-to-reach places;
  • For sweeping smooth and hard surfaces with wet trapeze brooms;
  • Microfiber headbands and a flat mop for cleaning floors.

cleaning products

The cleaning products used for cleaning the different spaces and areas of a hotel are multiple and vary according to the nature of the surfaces to be cleaned:

  • A neutral detergent for cleaning surfaces;
  • A cleaner for windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces  ;
  • Specific treatment products suitable for floors (parquet, marble, etc.);
  • Cleaning and disinfectant products for the bathroom and all sanitary facilities;
  • A descaling and descaling gel for toilet bowls;
  • A white vinegar for faucets, toothbrushes, etc.
  • An air freshener to be sprayed at the end of the operation to leave a pleasant smell of freshness and cleanliness in the room.

In short, opting to outsource the cleaning of a hotel establishment allows you to enjoy day after day of spaces maintained with a good level of hygiene.

Thanks to its expertise years in ‌cleaning,  SCS Group is committed to providing you with complete services, by putting in place the best operators and cleaning agents, trained and equipped with the know-how, PPE, and materials necessary for carrying out cleaning work and interventions in your company, in complete safety and whatever your activity.

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