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High-Paying Jobs You Can Get After Doing MS in Accounting

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A Master’s in accounting is a remarkable education program to study abroad. Every year lots of accounts students go overseas for doing this program. However, some students get anxious and feel that they may not be able to get a good job option after doing this course to study abroad. But this is not true and you can open gateways to many job opportunities after doing this course to study abroad. So, keeping this in mind, today we are going over different high-paying jobs you can get after doing a master’s in accounting.


An auditor is a very important part of a company. He is responsible for assessing the company’s financial records and performance. Moreover, he ensures that the financial records of the company are complete, reliable, and accurate. Besides this, an auditor ensures that the company files its taxes properly. He also gives recommendations to management to improve their financial performance. On average an auditor can earn around $58,083 per year. Amazing, right? To learn about the best abroad colleges for studying accounting feel free to contact our best abroad education consultants in India.

Information and Technology Accountant

Becoming an information and technology accountant is another great option for overseas students after studying accounting overseas. This is primarily because the demand for information and technology accountants is very huge globally. Thus, becoming an information and technology accountant can be very beneficial for you. An information and technology accountant is responsible for organizing/reporting the financial data of a company. However, you must know accounting as well as information technology to become a competent information and technology accountant. Additionally, you must be a proficient problem solver and should be an expert in discovering ideal technology solutions for a company. On average an information and technology accountant can earn around $76,146 PA.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is someone responsible for evaluating the financial health of a firm. Moreover, he helps a firm in taking investment decisions. Additionally, the role of a financial analyst is also quite flexible in comparison to other accounting jobs. However, the duties of a financial analyst can vary from firm to firm. To become a financial analyst, you must be proficient in data gathering and financial modeling. Furthermore, you must also be proficient in spreadsheet maintenance and forecasting. On average a financial analyst can earn around $77,280 PA while working abroad.

Forensic Accountant

The demand for forensic accountants is increasing at a rapid pace. The main job of a forensic accountant is to investigate financial frauds and provide guidance on legal matters in court. Moreover, he is also responsible for retrieving data from financial records and performing forensic analyses on them. But to become a forensic accountant you must be highly detail oriented. Why is it important? It is important because judges and attorneys scrutinize the reports made by a forensic account. On average a forensic accountant can earn around $80,066 while working overseas in countries like Canada and America.

Managerial Accountant

A managerial account plays lots of important duties in an organization. He is responsible for planning and preparing financial reports for a company’s employees. Besides this, his main role is to assist high-level executives in making prudent financial decisions. Moreover, he is also responsible for doing cost planning, forecasting, enterprise optimization, etc. On average, a managerial accountant can earn around $83,240 PA while working abroad.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The job role of a CFO can vary from company to company. However, to become a competent CFO you must be an expert in financial management, strategy development, and risk management. A chief financial officer works as a cross-functional leader and helps a firm in making prudent business/financial decisions. Moreover, he implements revenue strategies, access financial risk, etc. On average a CFO can earn around $321,645 PA. To learn about the tuition fee for MS in accounting program feel free to contact our overseas education consultants in Delhi.


As you can see there are plenty of job options for students in the market who study master’s in accounting abroad. Moreover, enterprises also give decent salaries to these professionals for their services. So, if you are also an accounts student then we highly recommend you to do a master’s in accounting. Doing this course can be very beneficial for accounting students.


My name is Ankit I am working here as Digital Marketing Executive. We are professional Experts in Overseas Education as we help students to find out countries, courses, and universities that best match their requirements as per their financial qualifications. If you need any assistance, you can contact us at ABGyan Overseas.

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