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Health and Medical

Heart Rate and Its Effects on Health and Longevity

The heart is the main source of why a person is still living. Its responsibility in continuing to beat and circulate blood across the body keeps a person alive. This is why it is important that its system particularly the cardiovascular system remains healthy. Cardiovascular health is commonly overlooked by people who are also not involved in health and fitness. They continue to consume massive amounts of food that threaten the heart which ends up creating problems in the heart rate leading to diseases and possible heart attack.

Having an unusually low heart rate is dangerous and directly affects your pulse. According to research, the average male adult heart beats 72 times per minute. Hence, you need to have a low resting heart rate.

The best way to ensure that your heart rate is consistent is by involving yourself in daily exercise routines or workouts. The more you exercise the more you strengthen your heart muscles thereby increasing the oxygen supply to your blood.

You can hire a longevity coach and follow his lead. A longevity coach has full knowledge about what your heart requires and what kind of routines you need to adopt to ensure your longevity. While exercising your heart beat increases leading to a faster supply of oxygen across the body. The resting heart rate after that ensures that your health is safe.

Stress is another factor that directly affect your heart rate. Even if you do not feel that your health is affected, it is rendering your heart to become more vulnerable to disease. Through exercise from the longevity coach, you will be able to develop a low resting heart rate which is a positive indicator of biological health.

You can determine optimal working heart rate by a max heart rate percentage. There are many techniques that determine the max heart rate usually with help of equations. Certain equations also involve variables that are based on age and sex. Ultimately, all the mentioned determinations are productive ways to have a clear idea about your max heart rate. If you are hoping for an accurate result, you can go to a lab and complete a cardiovascular stress test.

A resting heart rate is the end result you should aspire for. If you choose to ignore that part of your health then you are solidifying your own health deterioration. The expenses that will require to treat your heart disease like coronary artery disease will require a large amount of money which is a burden.

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a form of cardiac disease that affects the heart’s arteries. The blood that travels through your coronary arteries provides oxygen and nourishment to your heart. Thick patches of fatty substances adhere to the walls of the coronary arteries in coronary artery disease. Plaque is the term for these patches. The artery-opening narrows as the plaque thickens, and blood flow slows. As a result, the heart receives less blood and oxygen. A plaque, or a blood clot that forms on it.

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