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Harness the Sun with a Solar Powered Flashlight and Other Gear

It can be hard to get anything done when the power goes out. You might have candles or flashlights. What happens when the wax or batteries run out? With solar-powered gear like a solar powered flashlight, all you need is the power of the sun. Storms knocking out power grids will be less of a hassle with these pieces of gear.

Solar Powered Flashlight

Light is 1 of the first things you will need when the power goes out. Otherwise, you will only be able to do things during daylight. That’s where a solar powered flashlight comes in. The best part is that it won’t need batteries. All you need is the sun to charge the light. You will want a light that also has a USB port. This lets you charge small devices, such as your phone, in an emergency.

Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

Your cell phone can be a lifeline to the world. It can provide information and communication. If you don’t have power, you can’t charge it. A solar powered cell phone charger doesn’t need an outlet. It uses the power of the sun to charge your phone like the solar powered flashlight. It works on cloudy days but is more efficient in the open sunlight. You can get the information you need if you have a cell signal or Wi-Fi.

Solar Mini Generator

Do you want to keep your family safe during a dangerous blackout? How about keeping perishable food or medicines cold in a small fridge? Use the power of the sun to keep the energy flowing. A solar powered mini generator is much better in an emergency than a gas-powered generator. You can run out of gas. You will also need the gas for your vehicles. And, gas is very expensive right now. A solar mini generator is also smaller. It can still power your cell phone, tablet, laptop, mini-fridge, or Wi-Fi router.

Emergency Solar Radio

Another way to get information is with an emergency radio. Find 1 that can charge in the sun and with a hand crank. Options like a solar-powered weather-alerts radio are always a good thing in emergencies. Information such as whether the storm is over is vital during these situations. The odds of survival turn in your favor when you are able to get news and updates.

Solar Kettle

The sun can also help you cook and boil water to keep it safe. A solar kettle will let you cook your food without a flame. If you don’t have access to clean water, you can also boil water in it to kill bacteria. A sun kettle is portable and lightweight, making it perfect for camping. It’s like having a microwave the size of a thermos that will boil water in minutes. There is no smoke, flame, or noise.

Solar Lantern and Bug Trap

Another option for lighting is a solar lantern. It provides area light instead of a focused beam like the solar powered flashlight. You can find a lantern that can also act as a bug trap. This makes being outside more comfortable. It’s perfect for emergencies or when you are camping.

Solar Stake Lights

You can also find a yard light and bug killer combo that stakes into your yard. It’s another way to light your yard when the power goes out. You won’t need to rely on the grid to see anyone coming to your home with these lights.

About 4Patriots

You never know when an emergency will happen. That’s why you must stay ready. 4Patriots can help. Their survival products can help you keep your family safe in an emergency. Allen and Erin Baler started 4Patriots in Nashville, Tennessee, at their kitchen table. They have grown to over 190 employees. 4Patriots has always had 1 goal: to help everyday people prepare for emergencies. They offer a selection of survival gear and emergency supplies. These can help solve the problems you may face Check out the 4Patriots solar generator, emergency food kits, and solar flashlights. You don’t have to worry about what might happen. Instead, you know that your family will be safe. Join the 4Patriots family today to get ready for tomorrow.

Buy solar powered gear from 4Patriots for emergencies or camping at https://4patriots.com/

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I initially started my blog as a hub for health, fitness, and nutrition advice, but I quickly realized that I enjoyed writing about a lot more. When I’m not jotting down my picks for fitness products or meal-prep recommendations, you can usually find me blogging about everything from camping equipment to electronics to outdoor adventures to entrepreneurial advice. Thanks for looking at my profile, and I hope my blog helps you find and appreciate something new as well!

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