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Health and Medical

Hand and Finger Exercises

Hand and Finger Exercises

Hand and Finger Exercises

Hand and Finger Exercises
Hand and Finger Exercises

Five Finger easy Exercise

To develop speed and strength, you will need to do hand and finger exercises. One of the most common exercises is called the “finger lift.” Start by placing your hand on a flat surface with your fingers spread out. Then, one by one, raise each finger as high as it will go and hold it for five seconds before returning to the starting position.

You can also do this exercise with different types of objects, like a pencil or a pen. Hold the object in your fist so that only the tip of your thumb and index finger are exposed, then try to pick up small objects with them (one at a time) like paper clips. Repeat this process for all ten fingers individually until they become stronger!

The muscles of the hands and fingers are some of the most important ones in your body. What would you do with your life if typing, scrolling, texting, and playing guitar were suddenly out of the question? Don’t let hand pain or injury slow you down. Here are a few exercises to get you started!

5 best Exercises Hand and Finger

1. Finger curls

Finger curls
Finger curls

Finger curls are a good, easy exercise to do when you’re just starting or want a simple, but effective warm-up. Here’s how to do them: 1. Extend your arm and make a fist 2. Start with your fingers facing up and pointing toward ceiling 3. Curl your wrist so that your fingers point down 4. Repeat 5-10 times

Do this on both of your arms!

2. Finger lift


Finger lift
Finger lift

Finger lifts can stretch and strengthen your fingers, helping you avoid stiffness and discomfort. To do finger lifts:

Place your hands on a flat surface, with your fingers spread out (palms down)

Lift each finger one at a time, then lower it back down

Repeat the exercise with your palms facing up

3. Palm squeeze

Palm squeeze
Palm squeeze

Palm squeezing is a great exercise you can do anywhere, anytime.

1) Make a fist with one hand and squeeze it as hard as you can.

2) Make your other hand into a fist and place it on top of the first one.

3) Squeeze both fists together for about 30 seconds, then release.

4) Repeat these steps two more times.

4. Thumb touch

Thumb touch
Thumb touch

The first thing we’re going to do is a quick warm-up exercise.

1. Hold your device with both hands, thumbs out, and put your thumbs on the screen. Then, tap as fast as you can, alternating between the two sides.

2. Now hold your thumbs on either side of the screen and flip them back and forth, like you were hitting a pair of drumsticks together.

3. Switch to your fingers and repeat the same exercise—do it fast!

Great job!

5. Wrist rotation

Wrist rotation
Wrist rotation

Sit as comfortably as possible and keep your spine straight. Extend both arms in front of you at shoulder level with elbows extended, palms facing down. Move your right wrist in a circle, clockwise and counterclockwise, 8 times each. Repeat with left wrist.

5 Exercise to fix the anterior pelvic tilt

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