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Real Estate

Growth Dynamics for Dubai Real Estate in 2022

Dubai real estate continues its upward trend. This is due to economic modifications, flexible visa policies, purchasers’ defense laws enforcement, and a successful COVID-19 vaccine drive. We can’t deny that the coronavirus caused a slowdown in economic growth and near-term stagnation last year. Dubai is moving forward after the pandemic. It has introduced new exciting projects that attract expatriates to Dubai.

Six Senses Dubai, a luxurious residential project, is expected to be finished in 2024. It will be an attractive reason for expatriates investing in Dubai Palm Jumeirah.

A prosperous 2022 for the Dubai property market

A majority of real estate specialists foresee a wealthy 2022 because Dubai real estate is estimated to tolerate an upward growth trend, despite the new coronavirus variations are producing insecurities in the market. The business flexibility and controlling strategies will continue to attract worldwide investors.

To make financing easier for the possible investors, the UAE banks have decreased the loan-to-value ratios, which have assisted Dubai in recovering strong interest in the property sector. Due to a spike in demand for Dubai properties, a healthy recovery can be witnessed across the performance parameters comprising property price, rental price, and several connections.

Needless to say but Expo 2020 is also another significant factor that donated meaningfully to quickening demand for ready and off-plan properties in Dubai.

New visa modifications to make Dubai capable of a long-term stay

With existing flexibility and ongoing fluctuations in residence visas, it seems obvious that the UAE’s government is attentive to making this country, the most favored choice for businesspersons and expats to stay for the long term. Because of the current economic modifications in UAE, agile administration of the COVID-19 persuaded global pandemic without disturbing the business procedures, and commercial happenings will lead to support the real estate market and increased demand will be experienced across numerous asset classes.

Copper stones have recorded a spike in the number of inquiries related to properties and off-plan properties in Dubai. According to the report, it will lead to an increase in sales and rental worth recovery in the Dubai property market. It will lead to positive growth in the economy.

What does the data specify?

According to a report, nearly 37,000 housing units (roughly 6,000 villas), were new to the market in 2021. Given the growth and demand dynamics, it is reasonable to assume that a similar number of residential units will be new to the property marketplace.

Villa supply may shrink

The global pandemic has elevated the residences and moved to bigger units with open places. This trend has led to the rise in demand for townhouses and villas in Dubai. This will ultimately led to a rise in villa sales and rental values. Moreover, the supply is limited due to existing villa communities being limited and placed centrally in Dubai.

According to a report, the mounting demand for villas in Dubai in 2020 and 2021 is rising. The average villa rents by 21% year on year basis. While the apartment rents are improving by 3 to 4% only across the city.

However, real estate professionals are of the view that coronavirus variations can produce chaos anytime. But the standard functioning protocols will remain more or less the same. Due to this fact, social detachment and having a home with multi-purpose extra space can utilize as a home office. It will further be adding up to higher demand for villas and larger residential units.

Market retrieval will be continuing in 2022

There will be more than 35,000 units of residential property in addition to Dubai’s market. And this is despite the uncertainty connected to coronavirus variants. This will result in a higher demand for properties and off-plan properties, which will help to regain the market in 2022, as well as the next years.

Expo 2020 also attracted people from all over the globe. These people came to Dubai to see the city and have a different perspective. This has contributed to an increase in the demand for Dubai properties by both local and international buyers.


Due to increased demand from foreign and local buyers for Dubai properties, we can expect a rise in real estate transactions. This rise in transactions is in both ready-to-move as well as off-plan. The market will continue to rise in value over the next few years with new developments such as Six Senses Dubai at Palm Jumeirah.

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