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Banking and Finance

Getting TPD Claim Approved Even After Rejection Is Possible

Have you lately tried to use your total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance but discovered that your insurer has denied your TPD claim? TPD insurance for all one knows, is your lifeline in case you suffer an injury or illness that doesn’t let you get back to work in the same capacity.

If successful, your TPD claim transfers to your account a lump sum payment to, help get your life back on track, and then possibly used for paying expenses incurred owing to your loss of income; in conjunction with any medical expenses and future care needs. Sadly, making a TPD insurance claim and accessing your payment isn’t each time a swift and easy process. Claims are usually rejected as insurers and super fund providers take care to avoid making payouts.

TPD claims the rejection rate is high-

Referring to a comprehensive ASIC report into the life insurance industry, researched the decline rates of four types of cover:

  • Life (cover for death)
  • TPD
  • Trauma
  • Income Protection

All in all, nine out of 10 life insurance claims get paid first time around. But the figures for TPD cover were not very encouraging.

In actual fact, disability insurance was the least likely of the four products to beget compensation, with 16% denied insurance claims. Some insurers had specifically high decline rates. ASIC concluded that, three companies rejected 37, 25, and 24 percent of claims, respectively.

Less than half of funds make full or partial payments on, between 71 and 90 percent, of claims, as reported by SuperRatings. The analysis, published in the Australian Financial Review, furthermore, spelled out that about one in ten successful policyholders receive less than 60 percent of the amount claimed.

You should know that mental health claims were the most denied in the industry, which is disgusting. Insurers usually reject mental health conditions since symptoms can, vary with severity over time. Besides, some people are perhaps going to recover enough to return to work.

Getting TPD claim approved-

In order to get your claim approved, it’s vital to comprehend the claim process and avoid the quagmires that lead to denied insurance claims.  A successful claim on your TPD starts with contacting your superannuation fund. They’ll direct you to fill up needed forms. Then, they’ll undertake an initial assessment. In this instance, you’ll generally be asked for any proof of your injuries or illness. You’ll furthermore, have to make a written submission to the superannuation fund illustrating, why your claim must be approved.

After this, your claim will be passed over to the insurer, who will conduct their own assessment and make a decision, on whether to approve or deny your TPD claim. The insurer can perhaps even demand more evidence in support of your claim.

Call in the specialists-

In the event, you used a lawyer to lodge your claim and that is rejected, they probably are not specialist TPD advocates and are not experienced in successfully litigating and resolving TPD claims. If your lawyer told you that there are no other options or you’re unhappy with the way they have handled your claim, call up experts in TPD claims, for a second opinion.

The Bottom Line

In order to make a successful claim even after being denied you need to get in touch with a specialist who will often charge a low flat fee, which is only payable once the claim has been accepted.  Moreover, you should know that you may be able to make multiple claims. This is possible if your superannuation includes income protection, total & permanent disability, and terminal illness.

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