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Get Rid Of Dandruff With These Hacks

As we are struggling between earning for living and living our life, we often tend to forget about taking care of ourselves. Self-care doesn’t have to be something very big, but small habits, like taking care of our hair, hygiene, skin, etc., but we hardly take care of ourselves on a daily daily where the issue begins, and we start having issues like infections, and dandruff.

But for the people who have colored hair, and is suffering from dandruff issue, it is hard to find a color-safe dandruff shampoo, and that’s why we are here for. Let us reveal to you the secret, it is our Ketomac Shampoo, which is the best color-safe dandruff shampoo. Use it once, and you are going to love it for sure. 

Daily hair washes:

We have often heard that we should let the natural oil of our hair sit, and not wash our hair on a daily basis. But this thing can be a cause for the production of dandruff. Yeast tends to increase in certain places which have more oil.

When we don’t wash our hair on a daily basis, especially during the summer, oils, and sweat lead to the production of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells also play an important role in the producing dandruff. Hence, regular hair wash is necessary if you’re prone to dandruff, and if not then definitely on alternate days. 

Exfoliation of the scalp:

Just like we exfoliate our skin to remove the dead skin cells, and impurities, scalp exfoliators remove the dead and dry skin layer from our scalp. Hence, one should definitely exfoliate his/her scalp once or twice a week. 

Hot oil mask:

Hot oil mask can do wonders to your hair not only by curing your dandruff issue but also by the making your hair thicker, softer, and shinier. The application of hot oil softens the dead skin layer, and thus, once you shampoo your hair, you can see visible differences. 

Tea Tree Oil:

It has anti-microbial components which assist in removing dandruff. 

Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek seeds or as popularly known in India, “methi” is full of essential properties. Fenugreek contains high protein and nicotinic acid which helps in aiding various scalp issues, one of which is dandruff. As fenugreek has lecithin, it helps in the hydration of the hair and strengthens hair roots. 


Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial components are contained by curd, due to which can cure scalp issues like having dandruff. Curd, though can be very messy, leaves your hair with a natural shine, and fresh scalp. 

Here we tried to share some effective home remedies that you can try. If not on the weekdays, you can give these remedies a try during your weekend. And for the days, when the dandruff is taking a toll on you, without giving a second thought, go for Ketomac shampoo. Ketoman is the shampoo for dandruff and colored hair, one could have ever asked for. So, enjoy your gorgeous dandruff-free hair in no time. 

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