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FAQs About Pre-Startup Safety Review

Safety in the workplace is something that all leaders and employees should worry about. Safe practices include doing those things that prevent injuries and keep people healthy. Any workplace can have accidents and see employees suffer safety issues. However, certain businesses have more risks than others. Those companies that do manufacturing and production tasks often work with dangerous equipment and materials. To help prevent health and safety problems, Canadian law requires that companies have a pre-startup safety review. You may have questions about this review. It is helpful to review common questions that other people have.

What Is a Pre-Start Up Safety Review?

The Canada Ministry of Labour requires businesses to have a pre-start health and safety review. This is necessary when employees use either new or used storage equipment. It also requires specific documentation that employees can read and review at any time. This review is a way of assessing the quality, safety, and functionality of material-handling equipment. This includes shelving, storage units, warehouse distribution, and operations inside a manufacturing facility.

A pre-start review ensures that businesses comply with the law. It also helps to maximize the safety of all employees who use equipment. The review sets important policies and standards that can improve the efficiency of the workplace. It consists of a written report and a detailed list of safety hazards at work.

Who Performs One?

Not just anyone can do a pre-startup safety review. A licensed, registered engineer is the only authorized person to do a pre-start safety review. Some businesses may wish to allow experienced, skilled technicians to do a review. These individuals may have expertise in using certain materials and equipment. However, licensed engineers will comply with all laws and government-mandated rules pertaining to safety.

Why Are They Beneficial?

Some workers may question the need for a formal pre-start review. People may even think that such a procedure takes too much time and effort. However, a review saves time and money for businesses in the long run. A thorough review can spot emerging issues with machinery and equipment. Doing this allows your company to make necessary repairs and adjustments. This can spare the organization from higher costs down the road. It also cuts down on the incidents of injuries and other incidents in the workplace. You can prevent risky actions and promote a safer environment by having a review in place.

What Does a Review Not Include?

Though a pre-start up safety review is in-depth, it does not include all elements you can think of. A review does not include follow-up work. Maintenance is also not part of a review. In these cases, safety committee members and management should ensure that employees follow safe practices.

Begin Your Safety Review Now

If your organization needs to establish a pre-start review, now is the time. You need to have ongoing safety in your workplace. This is especially true when it comes to using storage equipment. If you need help creating a review, talk to the team at S.A.F.E. Engineering today.

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