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Faber Chimney

A Faber chimney is a highly effective and discreet way to cook. It works by placing a motor inside the chimney, enabling smoke particles and air to pass freely. The suction power indicates the volume of smoke particles and oil consumed. A Faber chimney has a suction power of 1200m3/h, and its slick design and gesture control make it easy to control without physical contact. The motor and chimney are able to perform their functions efficiently for up to 12 years.

Filterless faber chimney

The Filterless Faber chimney comes with many advanced features, including LED lights, a 4 way suction hood, and the newest Filterless Technology. The Filterless Technology of this chimney is a key benefit of this product, as it means less maintenance and cleaning. In addition, the design allows smoke to flow freely. The Faber chimney also features an auto-clean function, making cleaning easy and convenient.

The filterless technology ensures a thorough cleaning operation, and the auto clean feature allows users to turn the chimney on and off automatically. The chimney also features an automatic oil collector to collect particles of oil. The two LED lights on the chimney also provide adequate lighting for cooking. The filters are removable and can be cleaned easily. The Filterless Faber chimney can be purchased from any home improvement retailer. To find the best chimney for your needs, visit your local Home Depot or B&H.

High suction speed

The high suction speed of the Faber chimney is an essential feature for efficient smoke extraction. With a suction power of 1200 m3/hr, this chimney can effectively suck out smoke and oily fumes. It is also filterless and comes with a hob light. The switch is distinguishable and provides three convenient speeds. The high suction speed allows you to extract more smoke while cooking without compromising the safety of your food.

The high suction speed of the Faber chimney gives you peace of mind and ease while cooking your food. This chimney is equipped with a motor placed inside it that provides sufficient suction power to remove smoke particles and oil. The high suction speed of the Faber chimney enables you to cook discreetly and comfortably without having to worry about the smoke escaping from your kitchen. Furthermore, the chimney comes with a gesture-control function, which means that you can control its speed without having to touch it physically.

Low noise level

The Sil-k technology in the Faber chimney makes this unit extremely quiet. Its slender design is 60 cm wide and features a backlit electronic touch control panel. There are three speeds, including an intensive mode, which turns off after ten minutes. The Elica silent chimney is another good choice for those who want a quiet chimney. Its robust suction works around 360 degrees, and it absorbs grease and oil from all sides.

Aside from offering superior quality, Faber chimneys also come with a long warranty. Elica offers 10-12 years of warranty. However, Elica is cheaper and lacks the noiseless features of the Faber chimney. Elica’s range of models is more affordable, and it has a wide variety of designs to choose from. The Faber chimney offers a superior after-sales service, which is important in this competitive market.

12 years warranty

The Faber chimney is known for its quality and design. It is highly durable and comes with an impressive 12-year warranty. The Faber chimney comes with advanced features, and this has helped it earn an excellent market share. Its auto-clean technology is one of its most innovative features. This feature separates harmful particles from oil by settling them on the oil collector. This saves the homeowner’s time and efforts. It also provides the consumer with better luminance.

The 60-cm model of Faber chimney is ideal for domestic use. The chimney comes with LED lights, which light up the kitchen area, while reducing sneezing and irritation. The Faber chimney price in India is around 14K. The chimney comes with a suction power of 1200 m3/hr, which is adequate for stoves with three to five burners. The Faber chimney is available in major cities across India.


The price of Faber chimneys varies widely according to the features of the device. This model provides superior suction power that helps in cooking food without creating smoke and ash. The oil collector in the chimney helps in extending the filter life and reducing the amount of maintenance required. Its high suction power makes it the perfect choice for busy households. The price of Faber chimneys can range from $480 to $1800, depending on the model.

Prices of Glen chimney in India vary from country to country. In general, countries trading with India look for a marketplace where they can find a reliable supplier at a competitive price. Various factors must be considered while selecting a supplier in India. The company should be able to provide value for money, quality, and reliability. The company should have a good trade history, too, and should be able to provide a guarantee of the product’s quality and durability.

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