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Evolution of Air Conditioners | Hyundai Power

Air Conditioners

ACs that used to be a luxury are now the need of the hour. Previously, when the world was not a victim of global warming and living in a natural environment was preferred, Air Conditioners did not exist. Now that the whole world is going through massive climate change, it is important to have an Air Conditioner installed at your home or workspace. This change was sensed a long time ago and ACs were invented in around 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the evolution of Air Conditioners. Moreover, we will also discuss the ways in which Hyundai Power has made progress in DC Inverter Air Conditioners.

The History of Air Conditioners

In 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first modern air conditioner. He being an experienced engineer wanted to experiment with the laws of humidity. In this experimentation, he lent the ideas from the concept of mechanical refrigeration. He was of the view that if cold water was sent through the coils, and the moisture is controlled in the room. Then it is easier to cool down the room.

The company popularly known as; Carrier’s Air Conditioning Company of America came up with an advanced machine in 1933. This AC used belt-driven condensing unit and attached blower, mechanical controls and evaporator coils. These features combined shaped the marketplace air cooling system. Till date, Air Conditioners used the same mechanism that was proposed by Carrier in 1933.

Improvisations in Air Conditioners

The engineers did not stop on this model. Rather they used it to their benefit and incorporated different technologies and features to make it even better. For instance, to minimize the energy consumption they came up with DC Inverter Air Conditioning system. In this technology, the compressor does not stop for even a second. In fact, works continuously and when it reaches the directed temperature, slows down itself and works with the assistance of the fan. This way it controls the temperature of the room.

Moreover, engineers were worried about the depletion of the ozone layer. So, they started using such refrigerants that do not cause environmental pollution. For instance, the first refrigerant they used was R12 refrigerant, now they use R32 because it 0 effect on environment. So, although air conditioners do not look exactly like they did back in the day, but they transformed it for the better.

Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners

Hyundai Power has introduced one of the best home appliances in Pakistan. These home appliances include DC Inverter Air Conditioners. Using the same mechanism of DC Inverter technology as discussed above, Hyundai has laced and enhanced it with features and technologies that no one else can compete with them.

Hyundai uses gold fin technology, similar to T3 technology, a Twin Rotator Compressor, or a Rare Earth Compressor. These features vary series to series. Since DC Inverter Technology depends on the compressor entirely, Hyundai makes sure that the compressor is made with durable parts and works wonderfully for as long as possible.

Furthermore, to make sure that these ACs cool down or heat up your room efficiently, they have included more features. For instance, turbo cooling will enhance the AC’s power to cool down the room fastly. The I Set & I Feel Function is adamant to regulate the temperature of the room as per the need of the hour. Similarly, the 4D Swing Function, the 5 Fan Speed makes sure that the cool air reaches every corner of the room in a harmony.

These features do not end here. Hyundai understand well the increasing level of pollution. So, in order to prevent you from hazardous air, they have installed Silver Ions in the filters. The Silver Ions are responsible to kill all the harmful bacteria and germs and provide you with fresh air. They use High Density Filters, that absorb the moisture and filters the air in the best way possible.

The Best DC Inverter Air Conditioner in Pakistan

The best DC Inverter Air Conditioner in Pakistan is available at Hyundai Power. All the features discussed above are hard to find in any other AC. Hyundai makes sure that you enjoy the best of the best, so they have included all the top-notch features in ACs. So, select the best AC from Hyundai Power, from their several series according to the needs of your living space.

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