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Everything You Need To Know About Caring For Italian Wave Hair Wigs

Due to its lively, attention-grabbing, and alluring appearance, wave hair never goes out of vogue. These wigs are an excellent way to restore hair lost due to alopecia or baldness or merely to change your appearance.

Your mood for a night out or a cozy evening will be improved with Italian wave hair wigs.

The finishing touch for any outfit is Italian wave hair wigs. You will soon discover that you can’t go wrong when you pair them with anything.

Italian wave hair does, however, require a little more gentle love and care than natural locks. View the advice on maintaining your Italian wave hair wigs below!


Washing an Italian wave hair wig is comparable to washing a straight or wavy hair wig. However, if your wig is synthetic, you must be delicate to prevent tangling and safeguard it from fiber friction.

Verify whether your wig is composed of human or synthetic hair before washing it. This will affect the cleaning methods and products you pick for the wig.

Styling and detangling

Never brush on an Italian wave hair wig; instead, fingerstyle it with your hands or use a comb with very wide teeth. You may finger style your wave hair without harming your wig by spritzing a small amount of reviving conditioning spray on the locks.

To pry out your tangles without harming your wig or making your curls frizzy, use a comb with large teeth.

Restoring your curls

After cleaning and detangling your hair, it’s time to begin regaining your wave. Your Italian wave hair wigs will last the longest if you follow this step-by-step procedure, which will also help you obtain a wonderful look. Sectioning the wig’s hair is the first step in regaining your wave.

Split the hair into large parts for wide, wavy hair. It should be divided into smaller portions if you want tight, corkscrew curls. The hair can then be wrapped around your finger to promote curls.

Doing this just enough to set the hair without frizzing it up is important. Remember not to use too many heating products on your Italian human hair wigs.

Drying and styling

Blow drying an Italian wave hair wig will make it frizzy. No heat should ever be used on a synthetic wig, so it’s best to leave it on a drying stand to dry naturally. Once it’s dry, you can spray some defrizzing product on the wig to keep the curls looking their best.

If you are busy and wish to dry your hair, apply heat protected spray. This will help your hair from becoming brittle and split caused by hair dryer.


Now that you know how to care for your Italian wave hair wigs, follow the tips accurately. Your wigs will last longer, and you don’t have to invest in wigs often. 

You will enjoy its versatile and quality.

You will find various times of wigs from the NYC hair warehouse; make sure to select one that fits you well. Go for Hair Factory, and you will never regret your choice!

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