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Computers and Technology

Everything You Need to Know About Android 12

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) already has the final version available, although the freshly announced Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are expected to receive Android 12 some time after the Launch Event.

One of the first devices to release with the upgrade will probably be the new Pixel phones. Since each manufacturer must ensure that the most recent update is compatible with their current phones, you’ll probably have to wait a little longer if you own another (non-Pixel) Android phone.

Unquestionably, Android 12 is the biggest update to Google’s operating system in a long time, and now that the official release is here, more of you may check out all the hottest new features. In order to make Android 12 appear, feel, and respond to your onscreen motions and button presses differently, Google entirely changed some of the visual elements. Here is all the information you require regarding the new OS.

Android 12- New Features

1. Wallpaper based Dynamic Theming

One of the best features of Android 12 and what makes Material You unique is the “monet” dynamic theming engine. The engine will use the colours from the selected wallpaper as accents throughout the user interface and system accents. The fact that the colours are also used in programmes that have been upgraded to support the theming engine makes the experience even better.

You won’t get tired of the UI thanks to Android 12’s dynamic theming engine. To give everything a new coat of paint, just switch out the wallpaper.

2. Game Interface

Game Dashboard, an Android 12 feature that is currently exclusive to Pixel devices, aims to enhance your gaming experience by adding some useful tools and information, such as the ability to record your gameplay, stream it on YouTube, or show a live FPS counter so you can see how your phone is performing.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from one of the three gameplay profiles: Performance, Standard, or Battery Saver. However, this specific functionality will only function with games that have been upgraded to make use of Android 12’s new APIs.

By going to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb in Android version 12, you can enable Game Dashboard. From the menu that appears, choose Schedules, then click the settings (cog) symbol next to Gaming. The Game Dashboard option can then be enabled. If you don’t want alerts to interrupt you while playing games, you can also turn on the Do Not Disturb for games option.

3. One-handed operation

Google has included a native one-handed mode in Android 12 after taking inspiration from third-party Android skins. As the feature’s name suggests, it’s simple to use your phone with one hand, which is great for phones with massive displays and enormous size like the Pixel 6 Pro.

The one-handed mode in Android 12 on Google Pixels will be smaller and move the entire UI to the bottom to make the elements at the top simpler to access with your thumb, in contrast to Samsung and Xiaomi’s implementation. By touching anywhere on the display’s top, you can leave the one-handed mode.

4. Rapid Tap

Google has added a new Quick Tap functionality to Android 12 that borrows from the Back Tap gesture in iOS 14. You may launch an app of your choosing, manage media playing, take a screenshot, display recent apps, and activate Google Assistant by just double-tapping the back of your phone.

In Android 12, the Quick Tap gesture is hidden under Settings > System > Gestures. Choose an action that you want to provide Quick Tap now based on your preferences.

5. The Recents overview menu’s Direct share option

Android 12 has greatly enhanced the rapid image sharing function from the Recents overview menu. A list of your suggested contacts will now appear at the bottom when you simply drag and drop photographs from Instagram, a web page in Chrome, or other apps that work similarly for quick and simple sharing. As a result, sharing information from the Recents overview is simplified and made more convenient.

6. Privacy Control Panel

With the Privacy dashboard, Google is redoubling its efforts to protect your privacy. It will show you a list of the apps that have accessed your location data, camera, microphone, and other similar rights over the previous 24 hours. When an app uses a specific permission, you receive a detailed breakdown that is minute-by-minute.

You can utilise the Privacy dashboard to determine whether or not the loaded apps on your device are actually listening in on your chats or tracking you in any way. Settings > Privacy > Privacy dashboard leads to the privacy dashboard.

7. Dim the display

The new Extra Dim option in Android 12 further dims the screen if you think that it is a little too bright even on the lowest brightness setting for your phone. The extra-low brightness will assist ease the strain on eyes for anyone who frequently stares at their phone’s display in a dark environment.

Under Settings > Accessibility > Extra dim, you’ll see the choice. In addition, a Quick Settings tile is available for it.

8. Dialogue widget

With Android 12, Google significantly improved widgets and paired them with a helpful Conversation widget. Regardless of the app you use, the widget will enable you to quickly access your most often occurring discussions.

Please be aware that your most recent or frequent discussions do not automatically refresh the Conversation widget. By tapping the pencil icon on the widget, you can manually edit the dialogue that is associated with it.

9. Screenshots that scroll

It has taken Google a long time to add this capability to its version of Android. Users now regularly need to capture lengthy lists, thus the days of just taking a screenshot are long gone. You won’t need to take numerous pictures to capture a lengthy list if you use scrolling screenshots. Instead, snap a screenshot and select Capture more from the toolbar tip that appears at the bottom. Keep in mind that this option will only appear in lists or in situations where taking a lengthy screenshot is genuinely possible.

One benefit of Google’s solution is that you can choose the screenshot’s beginning and end points, allowing you to only capture the desired portion.

Summing Up

The top new features that Android 12 will bring to our devices were discussed in this post. There are already many features. The aforementioned characteristics, are more crucial for us than others. Check our latest blogs to know more about the upcoming advancements in technology.

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