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Every Social Media Meme Students Can Relate Too

Students encounter so many strange things every day. And when they post something on social media, they find hundreds of students going through the same problems. When you are a high school student, you only focus on your studies – hence the only burden on your shoulders is academics. However, when you grow up, you face several other problems, which are not always purely education.

Being a university student, you have more responsibilities. You might e dealing with more difficult coursework and assignments, short submission dates, bills to pay, and groceries because pretty sure adults don’t have beans on toast for dinner every day.

Nonetheless, your university days will still be the best time of your life. It’s a roller coaster ride you will never forget – a mixture of good times, failure, judgments, problems, joy, and academic pressure. And now, when we are living in the social media world, it helps us stay connected to our friends from our university days. Moreover, it’s not just about being connected to your friends and family; social media is a great source of entertainment – posts, memes, tweets, and all the Instagram stories that you all can relate to.

Like you all can relate to wondering at night, “if I can pay someone to write my assignment.” Now that’s relatable! Similarly, there are different scenarios only students get and eventually joke about it. Thanks to social media and meme culture, these jokes have now turned into genre-specific memes. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of hilarious memes and posts every student might relate to.

Most Relatable social Media Meme and Posts

University life is quite a ride, from sleepless nights to annoying group projects to partying for a week. Following posts will surely make you laugh.

1.   The Students Starter Pack

Ahh, the telltale signs of a university student. There is no money; you survive on water and endless amounts of microwavable ramen noodles with Netflix ( there is a great chance pile of empty water bottles might be lying around your room, in your cupboards and under your bed.) The weirdest thing about this is the university student starter pack is eerily parallel to the adult post-grad starter pack.

And when you have a little money, you treat yourself to a fancy meal from your favourite restaurant and movie night, but until then, that’s how life is at university; embrace it.

2.   The Zombie Disorder

Starting university with an enthusiastic attitude that you will work on a routine and have a good schedule (that’s funny even to read). But comes the mid of the first semester, and BAM! Zombie mode is on!

Students can relate to all the memes with so many assignments, back-to-back assessments, and spending the rest of the hours working to earn some extra bucks.

It is better for you to make a calendar of your classes, subjects, and job schedule. This way, you can manage everything and get a good sleep every night.

3.   When You Just Cannot

This will be happening to you quite often; you will feel most stressed when you have a full course, extra activities, and community service on your to-do list. Why be proactive in organising and dealing with personal deadlines and a plan to complete the list when you can lay on your bed and do absolutely nothing instead?

Post-secondary programmes are a time full of stress, financial struggle, angst, and tons of fatigue most students can relate to! That is the beauty of living a university student life. Your post-secondary education is a rollercoaster ride of an experience, but the results are always worth it. Do you find this situation relatable?

To ease the workload with our British coursework help, check out our website to view the sample work and see more services available at a low cost.

4.   The Truth about Financial Support

This reality hits you hard as soon as you enrol yourself in a reputable university. The housing bills, course fees, groceries, books & supplies, food, transportation, entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses leave you penniless.

You spend a substantial amount of time filling out financial aid forms and sending them to university only to find out you don’t qualify because your parent or guardian’s income is just too high — but not high enough that they’re going to help you pay your university tuitions! Relatable? Sign!

5.   Procrastination at its Best

It’s no hidden secret we all find excuses to excuse ourselves from those university assignments and assessments. We struggle mentally and physically to get that one task done on time. However, the time we prepare our minds to study, it’s time for another thing. The obvious solution to this situation is to push back the clock to a full hour. Hopefully, 8:01 doesn’t roll around too quickly!

It’s a common habit of university students, and you’ll find yourself procrastinating every little thing most of the time. Whenever you start studying, your mind goes like, “I’m thirsty; I’ll make a drink, or friends are going to the movie, I should tag along even though you have a 2,000-word essay due next morning (which you probably haven’t started working on), if you want to stay away from the last-minute hustle, you should get the work done without any delays.

6.   The Mysterious Revenge Moment

Everyone has that one professor who will put you in misery and isn’t helpful. This is tough because you can’t argue with your lecturer without potentially ruining your chances of getting good grades. However, you can rally your classmates to give their honest, unbiased opinions on the professor’s teaching style in most schools’ annual teacher evaluations. Revenge has never felt so sweet.

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7.   The Moment You Instantly Regret Going To University 

We all have been on this dark side. Believe it or not, we managed to get through school and high school somehow, but university is the name of experience that tortures us the most. While in university you wish to go back to the school days and embrace the demands of recess, gymnasium, and art class?

However, don’t worry about anything, because it’s the best time of your life. You will face some troubles, but you will love it at the end of the day. And if you struggle through your assignments and dissertation, you can always count on us. We offer help with dissertation and research to students who struggle to manage their routine life and studies. You can contact us on our website, and it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed with the British Assignmnet Writers.

8.   When You are Always Hungry

Being a student means you are always hungry. Before class, between lectures, after assessments, in between nap time and 5 more times a day. Remember, the hectic routine leaves you starving, but you are on a budget! We know Domino’s is tempting, but it is expensive. However, pasta is the safest option and budget-friendly and virtually foolproof to cook.

Pasta with white sauce, tomatoes, pesto, pasta and cheese, you name it. It goes with everything. Who doesn’t like pasta for brunch, lunch, tea and dinner? And when you are bored with pasta. We have plenty of recipes idea that can be made with eggs. You will probably be in university for the next four years, so embrace being poor, ops we mean on a budget!

Ending Thoughts!

University life is a bit of a struggle, but it doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy your time; finding memes and posts on social media that you can relate to improves your mood a little and helps you get going. However, don’t spend all the time following the memes. Get up and finish an essay that’s been on pending since last week.

Last but not the least, sleep is extremely important for memory, so is food, having a positive mental situation, cognitive function, and overall wellbeing. So, when you think you need an expert to help you with your studies, we are just a message away. Contact us on our website, place your order, and enjoy the memes while you wait for your work to be delivered.

Anna Stanley

Anna has been affiliated with British Assignmnet Writers for a few years. She joined us as an intern who loved writing about marketing. Today, she has become an expert and has completed more than a hundred research works on different topics related to marketing. You can check his sample work on our website and buy the dissertation services and expert advice from her.

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