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Essence of Jayasri Burman’s Contemporary Art From Her Works Online

Jayasri Burman is a contemporary Indian artist born in Kolkata. She is an experienced exponent of the mythical, miniature and modern in her artistic universe. Burman is an artist who has been shaped by her manifold experiences and the roots she has flown out from. This serves as the pillars of her variety and integrity.

In her works, she recreates the universe of mythological entities, and her paintings bring them to life. In such a canvas of informed imagination, she expresses the spontaneity of her mind.

The essence of Jayasri Burman’s contemporary art from her works

Indian folklore elements and create a dreamlike, surreal feel inspires Jayasri Burman’s works. Her female subjects reinforce the artist’s faith in Stree Shakti. The artist’s passion for Nature and optimism are reflected in the background around the main icon.

The painter draws on folk art techniques like Kalighat and Patachitra painting, portraying Indian women as divine beings at one with Nature. Featuring mystical hybrid forms in harmony with wildlife. Burman’s paintings are stories of empowerment and freedom that emerge from reflection on childhood memories and tales from core Hindu texts like the Ramayana and commentary on social issues. Burman also produces bronze sculptures that express her fabulist visions.

The ease with which she successfully manages to weave the design and decorative element of folk idiom in her canvas without losing its natural charm is unique. Her elevated concern for Indian women is visible in her work. Without considering herself a feminist, Burman confesses her wish to see females contented in the boundaries of life. She has illustrated women as free ceremonial birds, wood creatures, or mother Goddesses in her immaculately designed images.

Burman has participated in various solo exhibitions in India and abroad, including Fables and Folklore showcased by Mumbai’s art musing at Jehangir Art Gallery in 2010. Some of her recent paintings were also exhibit in selected group exhibitions, including An Alternative Perspective at the Centre of International Modern Art Kolkata and Women: Sacred And The Temporal at the Shrishti Art Gallery Hyderabad.

A special exhibition on Devi Durga launched online, titled Shakti: Nine forms of divinity. The exhibition features work by the eminent contemporary artist Jayasri Burman and the artwork features her signature style. The exhibition was hosted by Gallery Art Exposure and opened on its website on 17th October 2020.

Jayasri Burman’s features work

We see many of her vintage photographs for sale and can buy photographs online.

Jayasri Burman’s depiction of the Goddesses is unique and has a form that is unlike other artists, although the depiction of the female divinity is not yet separated as a distinctive form of art within the community. She gives form to her Goddessesses, primarily using her distinctive motifs and a vibrant colour palette derived from her radiant childhood experiences and her articulation and expression of Mythology.

Jayasri Burman paints in imaginative detail the different manifestations of Devi as she appears in the ancient text. Each form different from the other in temperament, appearance and spirit. Burman draws her inspiration from ancient Sanskrit text where it is said that Nobo Durga wards off evil and pestilence. And by worshipping her, the world will protect itself from further calamities. Her Durgas, although celestial in form and structure, are the manifestations of the Goddess that reside in each of the females around us.

In her paintings, Jayasri’s latest oeuvre reveals unconscious, suspended energy that can find its parallel in the environs of Shantiniketan, where she studied. If she expressed a tranquil sanguine feel in the images, she reflected on two years ago. This time, her vehicle of expression was the dance of colour. Jayasri has definitely gained grace in her works, one that comes from the evolution of her maturity and her contentment with life as it is.

The Art Rises For India

What she gained then is born out of the opportunity to respond to the varied aspects of Indian culture; this then is a new world of Nature that has inspired the artist to cast her eye upon the paint. One can also find there the selection of specific key colours red, blue, or radiant saffron. The works are a commitment to an art that emanated from the experience of the landscape. It is more than a matter of witnessing things afresh and from your distinctive perspective. She establishes an intimate space like a secret garden and invites her viewer to partake in it. Once we step into Jaysri’s fictional world, we can look around and respond immediately to the unorthodox canyons of beauty and partake of the choreography of Nature.

Some of the past auctions of Jayasri Burman are The Art Rises For India- A Covid 19 relief fundraiser Auction by the Indian Art Community.

Some of the notable works are Draupadi and The Game of Dice 2017. Many of her photographs can see online, and people do buy pictures online.


Burman works mainly in watercolour, using rich, solid hues and bold themes with a fantastical element, strange hybrid animals with human heads, and female figures. She has won several national and international prizes for her works. Her work has exhibited in India and overseas. Many of Burman’s vintage photographs for sale and auctionRecently, after 12 years, Jayasri Burman’s new show pays tribute to the holy river Ganga. It held in Kolkata, The City Of Joy.

Artshoppy has many of her works on its online platform. They have dedicated a part of their online space for us to know Jayasri Burman. And her style of art – up, close, and personal. The online art gallery cum exhibition space has made normal people acquainted with her unique use of colours as well as her style. It mainly depicts the divinity and the Goddess in her raw, universal power.

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