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Easy Steps to Co-Wash 4C Hair Type

Traditional shampoos can give you bad 4c hair days. Often, these shampoos leave your hair tangled, feeling dry, and strips your hair of its natural oils after each wash day. If you are thinking of adopting co-washing into your 4c natural hair routine, we will show you simple steps to co-wash your 4c natural hair for a healthier 4c hair journey.


4c hair
4c hair

What Is Co-Washing?

Co-washing is short for a good conditioner washing, which involves washing your 4c hair type with just conditioner & water. Co-washing can be a helpful addition to your better healthy 4c curly hair regimen, as it allows your 4c natural hair to thrive, retain its length, & stay moisturized.

You are probably excited about your 4c hair to wash day because, after every wash, your 4c hair is left feeling soft, shiny, & moisturized, and your 4c natural afro is flourishing. So you wash your 4c hair every week with shampoo, but within 3 days / more, even with your squeaky clean 4c hair & scalp, your hair is left feeling dry, brittle, and dull.

4c hair type
4c hair type

Benefits of Co-washing 4C Natural Hair:

  • Helps with 4C Hair Moisture Retention:

If you need an extra bit of hair moisture for your 4c natural hair, co-washing will help you with that. Shampoos may tend to strip the hair of its moisture, but with a good co-wash conditioner, your 4c hair stays hydrated and is better suited to retain moisture.

  • Prevents Dry, Frizzy 4C Curly Hair:

Sulfate shampoos leave the hair squeaky clean while stripping the 4c hair & scalp of its 4c natural hair oils. These natural oils produced by our long 4c hair follicles are important because they keep our curls healthy and moisturized. The constant use of these shampoos prevents oils from getting to your ends, and when your ends are moisture-starved, they become dry and frizzy and possibly break off. Co-washing your 4c hair will prevent this from happening. 

  • Reduces 4C Hair Breakage/Shedding:

Dry 4c hair will always experience an (excessive) breakage. So better switching to a co-washing routine will help add moisture to your strands & keep your hair cuticles strong. When your ends are healthy and well-nourished through the help of co-washing, your hair becomes less prone to breakage/shedding.

  • Makes Detangling A Breeze:

Detangling can be a lot of work for very tight 4c coils. Using a co-wash with a good slip can make all the difference during detangling. Co-washing the hair helps loosen up those annoying single-strand knots and tangles easily. 

  • Adds Shine To The 4C Hair:

Co-washing primarily moisturizes the 4c hair &, while at it, adds shine to the frontal hair. And the more you wash, your hair stays super hydrated & shiny. You may get a bonus benefit of softer strands & better curl definition.

4c natural hair
4c natural hair

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