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Dragon City Eggs

Everything about Eggs

Wanna see Dragon again? Let’s hatch. Not joking. You can hatch, fetch, breed, and train your Dragon in the game of Dragon City. The query is How to get the Dragon in the game. So the answer is from Dragon City Eggs. Yes, from Eggs. In the game, you can earn or buy an egg to hatch dragons of many characters. 

By feeding the dragons, you can make them powerful. Besides, the gold investment is mandatory for the Dragon to hatch and grow. Meanwhile, you can buy Dragons and their accessories with it. Hence, you can also use diamonds to buy rare eggs. While playing, you master fantastic dragons and game experience if you love dragons.

Description of Dragon City Eggs

Dragon city is a famous game available on mobile and PC. The format of the game is to build a dragon city and collect Dragon City Eggs. You need to fight battles and conquests to get more land and habitats. With breeding, you get more worriers in the game. We can buy or collect them through different events in the game.

Dragons have always been a fascination for children ages. Hence, we find dragon characters in cartoons, video games, comics, etc. That amazes them most. But fantasy is essential for the young and the elder. That helps them to relieve their everyday stress. And provide break for a while.

Dragon City Eggs Breeding

One of the aspects of the dragon city is egg breeding. For this purpose, use two level 4 dragons. Before that, you could not breed an egg. Breeding will generate an egg. Egg generation will depend on the parent pairing. With appropriate coding, you can breed the best and most powerful Dragon.

So, make a wise choice while selecting the parents of an egg from the possible availability. New generated Egg comes with the mixed properties of their parents. And further breeding will give you a variety of dragons. Once you get an egg, place it in the Hatchery. And start the count down.

For instance, Breeding 2 pure hybrid parents will produce a pure elemental Dragon. But it’s not necessary that two same dragons breeding will result in pure elemental. You can breed a friendly and natural dragon for a sun dragon.

Hatchery in Dragon City

In the game, Hatcheries hatches an egg. Without hatching an egg, you will not be able to get Dragon and further rewards. Including gold or diamond, you get the fighter to battle the enemy. Yet it wins territory or land for more dragons.

So, you got the Egg. Congratulations! Now place it in the incubators. There are three ways to hatch an egg. Breeding, buying, or receiving them as a reward. Once the egg hatches, transfer it to Habitat. You can also place your Egg in Kindergarten or Dragonarium.

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Dragon Eggs Hatch Time

Each Egg has a different hatching time. The fastest eggs are “TERRA,” which only hatch after 15 seconds. At the same time, flame sea and flaming rock take 30 seconds. Legendary offspring take around 50 hours to hatch as it’s a rare eggs. You can invest in-game money and get your Dragon instant to reduce hatching time.

Dragon Eggs Breeding Calculator

A breeding calculator helps to know the result before mating two dragons. And also the estimated time required to hatch an egg. This tool gives accurate results. Here is a link to the Dragon City Egg Breeding Calculator.

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Infinite options are available in the game to get all Dragon City Eggs and hatch them. Some eggs are free, while some we buy with gold. A more precise dragon has bred. The more powerful Dragon you will get. This article is the ultimate guide to breeding dragon eggs. Hope it will be helpful for you.


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