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Differences between cloud engineers and DevOps engineers?

 Cloud Engineers and DevOps engineers

Cloud and DevOps can go hand in hand, but it’s not very necessary. Learn the differences in both so you can see which path is best for your future IT role.

Many people think of DevOps and cloud as one and the same job role. Yes, they’re correlated, but they’re actually two different job roles and areas within IT Sector. Even though it’s not ideal but it’s entirely possible for one to exist without the other.

Still, these both are highly sought-after and well-paying positions. For those looking to take the next step in their IT career, it’s important to gain knowledge of where these roles fit in an IT organization and how they can shape your career.


DevOps combines together the terms development and operations and reflects a set of practices that focuses on the collaboration of both jobs. The goal of Devops engineers is to streamline the process of getting software from the programming stage to the deployment stage, with more efficiency and higher quality than more traditional software deployment stages.

DevOps role is not entirely new and wholly different from a programmer or operational role, but DevOps personnel need to know how to combine both operations together, plus a little bit of automation and orchestration.

A person with a developer foundation will need to add operational skills and abilities — including automation — but it’s possible with good training. A purely operational person, on the other hand, will need coding and automation skills to land an ideal DevOps role.

And remember, DevOps isn’t simply a combination of different jobs; it’s a combination of two distinct roles. It needs serious effort for the transition, though it favours those with existing programming skills. That’s not to say it’s impossible if you’re from a more IT support background, but you’ll have to be realistic about the time and effort needed to get up to speed.

Cloud Engineers

A cloud engineer is acting as an operations engineer for the Public Cloud system. In another word, they are described as Infra engineers for Public cloud providers.

 IT professionals in this role might have skills in coding, but they use those skills mainly in the automation and orchestration stage; they don’t write raw source code for the software. So, while a cloud admin needs to be aware of the needs of DevOps, it’s largely in the context of how it relates to core cloud services.

A cloud administrator also needs to pay close attention to the cost associated with the usage of cloud services. Each decision a cloud admin makes is important and has a true effect on the monthly bills, which can quickly generate attention if your company wants to do cost control. 

DevOps vs. CloudOps: Key differences

Difference between Cloud Engineer and DevOps Engineer :

1 A cloud engineer is responsible for creating and maintaining cloud infrastructure and platforms for individuals and business firms. A DevOps engineer is is responsible for bridging software development, and management to make the software development process efficiently and effectively
2 A cloud engineer is mainly responsible for various technical responsibilities A DevOps engineer is responsible for the development and operations of software applications.
3 The main focus of a cloud engineer is on cloud infrastructure and operations. The DevOps engineer focus on development, operations and QA.
4 When comparing job roles Cloud engineer is considered to be a part of a DevOps engineer. DevOps engineer job is considered as a superset of Cloud engineer.

Which career path suits you? :Cloud Engineers and DevOps engineers

Both roles are equally important in an organization. But you must decide for yourself, what you are passionate about? Your interest and passion determine the best career path for you.

If you are more interested in coding like cloud engineers making use of various programming languages you should learn more about being a programmer.

If your interest is more towards software development and being involved in the DevOps cycle you should look into being skilled in DevOps for building and maintaining programs and systems, IPSR is providing the perfect  cloud and devOps Engineering course to get started. You can get hands-on experience by working with projects under industry experts. You can get experience in using various DevOps tools, deploying automation and creating synergies between the software development and different operations domains. IPSR provides you with the knowledge to attempt various global certifications making you an expert in implementing DevOps practices in the real world. 

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