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Difference between professional and private cleaning

Difference between professional and private cleaning

When requesting the services of a cleaning company, you should know that there are differences between the work required in a house and those needed in buildings or premises. In this article we detail the keys that make these two services different.

Female Housekeeper Cleaning Floor With Mop

Household cleaning: small-scale cleaning

Home cleaning is mainly depends on sizes of the work: it is a small-scale cleaning . It is also an environment that allows greater flexibility than in the case of buildings or premises, both in the tasks and with work schedules. For example, in an office building, it is more likely that cleaning can only be done once the companies finish their activity, to work in better conditions when the spaces are empty. However, in a house, the schedules are adjusted to the pace of life of the individuals, or to their special needs.

On the other hand, home cleaning is an easily customizable service : The tasks can be part or not, depending on what needs cleaning. The services included in home cleaning range from routine tasks, such as general cleaning of the entire house or bathrooms, doing the laundry or ironing, to more specific tasks, such as window cleaning, exhaustive kitchen cleaning, review of bathroom joints, etc.

The home cleaning service is easily customizable.

The reasons why in a house it may be necessary to hire the services of a cleaning company to take care of these jobs can be very varied, but generally they respond to a need to delegate responsibilities or to free up time to dedicate it to other things.

Cleaning of buildings and premises

The cleaning of buildings and premises is a larger job , since the rooms are larger and the tasks may require more specialized treatment. It is much more common within the sector since the vast majority of companies outsource cleaning work, something that does not occur in the home environment.

Work in this type of space, as a general rule, follows a fixed task schedule . Cleaning needs do not vary from day to day, unless circumstantial events or more extensive type of cleaning is a must from time to time, such as window cleaning. Just as in a home the work can vary throughout the week, in an office environment the tasks are more routine.

A large part of the companies and owners of commercial premises outsource cleaning services due to the advantages that this entails. On the one hand, it is essential that the spaces are clean and tidy, both for the client and for the staff themselves . On the other hand, it is not a job that, in principle, corresponds to the company’s employees, since on many occasions a professional team is required to carry it out .

Cleaning for individuals –

A “Cleaning for individuals  ” company’s main mission is home maintenance and cleaning. It is able to provide a cleaning team to carry out cleaning tasks within an apartment or a house. Cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms, cleaning the dishes, taking care of the linen and very often ironing.

Industrial cleaning – 

“  Industrial Cleaning ”  is different. First, because the target is not the same, these services are not for individuals but at companies.  

“Industrial cleaning is a cleaning service provided by a company specializing in places dedicated to professional use”.

This service can also take place inside places open to the public, such as hotels or performance halls, but also in places intended for the production and processing of various products such as factories, laboratories but also for tertiary buildings such as head offices

We therefore see that industrial cleaning and cleaning for individuals do not have the same target. So what is the difference in terms of cleaning and process?

What are the differences ?

Companies specializing in industrial cleaning carry out carpet shampoo, glass cleaning, crystallization, mechanized cleaning, stripping and waxing operations which require special skills and therefore, higher qualifications than the agents of a company intervening only with individuals.

In addition, business customers have more expectations and requirements for performing the service, with precise specifications and time constraints.

Within the framework of these services, service agents will make greater use of mechanization. For the use of certain materials and equipment, our agents must have certain precise qualifications. It is therefore imperative that qualified and trained agents, should undertake these tasks, who will use cleaning products and materials.

 This difference is explained by the fact that the industrial field is exposed to specific risks listed in a prevention plan, requiring a very precise type of intervention and service as well as precise security for each service.

Service agents must be able to carry out the cleanliness service knowing the possible risks and being aware of the gestures and postures to adopt.

In industrial cleaning,

In industrial cleaning, depending on the size of the buildings that needs cleaning, service agents work more as a team and are often much more supported in management. Indeed, team leaders are on site to manage the teams, and are often accompanied by site managers, themselves accompanied by customer service managers and branch managers. This is less the case in the field of cleaning for individuals, because the areas that need cleaning are smaller, especially in large cities.

Finally, industrial cleaning represents a higher billing. Indeed, the service has a certain cost since in this price, the cost of supervision, material, equipment, sanitary consumables, and digital solutions as part of the package. The cost is lower in the private sector since there is no need for as many materials and supervision. In addition, structural costs are higher in the industrial sector, which also has an impact on the final selling price.

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