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Cuff Bracelets: a Fashionable Way to Wrap Up History

The contemporary cuff bracelet is a stiff bracelet that may be worn open or closed. Each end of an open cuff bracelet online India usually features a ball to keep the bracelet firmly around your wrist. You may snap a completely closed bracelet shut or just put it onto your wrist.

The cuff bracelet had diverse meanings depending on the time period of wearing it:

  • The “slave” bracelet has been around for over 5,000 years. It’s unclear if it was only a decoration or an indication of possession.
  • Unfortunately, the concept of the “slave” bracelet became extremely literal in the 16th century. The present name comes from that time period as well. Slaves from Africa and the Caribbean were given a bracelet with an identifying number or branding mark etched on it.
  • The cuff bracelet took on a whole different connotation in India. There used to be a love bracelet there. To win over ladies, males offered them bracelets that they had manufactured themselves.

Fortunately, the cuff bracelet is now solely a fashion accessory.

A flat length of bronze or wrought iron was commonly used for the bracelet. It wasn’t quite as polished and gleaming as the jewellery we know today. The “slave” bracelet resembled handcuffs rather than a fashionable ornament.

The cuff bracelet is mostly worn as a fashion accessory in the West nowadays. Diamond sets are frequently worn by couples to express their love. The fact that the wristbands are tough to remove emphasises their dedication even more. The “slave” bracelet is also worn in India, Suriname, and other former colonies to commemorate slavery’s history.

Cuff bracelets have been increasingly popular in recent years.

The contemporary cuff bracelet is a stiff bracelet, we can wear them as open or closed. Each end of an open bracelet usually features a ball to keep the bracelet firmly around your wrist. You may snap a completely closed bracelet shut or just put it onto your wrist. There are basic cuff bracelets as well as more stunning ones that are embellished with several tiny diamonds or other valuable stones.

The flat cuff bracelet is the most similar to the traditional “slave” bracelet, although there are also round, oval, hollow, and convex versions. Bangles(broad pieces of jewellery that span most of the wrist) frequently refer to as slave bracelets.

Best way to wear a cuff bracelet

It’s crucial to consider the width of a slave bracelet while purchasing one for yourself or as a gift. Bracelets that are 6 cm broad, for example, might quickly appear inelegant on persons with tiny wrists. Select a gold bracelet that fits your style and matches your ensemble. Second, decide on the precious metal’s colour and design. Your choice of gold is determine by the colour of your skin from yellow to rose to white.

Many individuals choose white gold or yellow gold cuff bracelet, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Wear a gold-plated cuff bracelet with a silver or steel cuff bracelet to keep up with the trend of mixing and matching bracelets. Bracelets worn over long sleeves rather than underneath are particularly fashionable these days. As a result, you may enjoy them all year round. We might infer that the “slave” bracelet appears to be letting go of its dreadful history. We no longer identify this lovely sort of bracelet with slavery, but rather with absolute glitz and style. Cuff bracelets are for men and women who wish to stand out at a particular event or on a regular basis.

Purpose of cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelets have an open section or gap in the middle that allows you to slide the bracelet over your wrist without using clasps. The cuff bracelet made of durable materials gives the wearer an impression of invincibility.

Year after year, are one of the most popular bracelet types among women. Cuff bracelets, also known as open cuff bracelets, bangle cuffs, cuff bangle bracelets, wrist cuffs, or simply cuffs, provide a stylish touch to any ensemble and are ideal for stacking. bracelets, while being constructed of substantial materials like metal, are simple to put on due to their open form.

Cuff bracelets are available in a variety of styles and patterns. 

Types of cuff bracelet ;


There are several reasons to make the cuff bracelet a must-have accessory. But, at the end of the day, do we really need an excuse to contribute a little bit of beauty to the world.

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