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Computers and Technology

Cost of The HTML to WordPress Conversion Process

HTML is a markup language that has long been used to develop websites. However, with technological advancements, various options are available these days to build a dynamic website. Among those, WordPress is a popular CMS.

As per W3Techs, WordPress is used by 64.2% of all website with content management systems. This is 43.0% of all websites. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it’s easy to use; therefore, a basic WordPress website can be built without technical expertise.

Although, a Wordpress development company helps to build a customized website based on your specific project needs. They can help you with a smooth HTML to WordPress website migration. Now, the question arises of how much the migration may cost. It depends on various factors.

This blog will discuss the factors that impact the cost of conversion.

How Much Does HTML to WordPress Migration Cost?

The cost of migrating your HTML website to WordPress depends on various factors such as the number of web pages, features, type of website, etc. To get an idea, HTML to WordPress cost starts at $150 for a single page.

Let’s discuss them in detail further.

Features Complexity

The migration cost from HTML to WordPress depends on the needed features. More feature integration into your website will automatically cost more, requiring more expertise and time.

Your website can be built using themes and plugins, which can be free or premium, that need to be bought. The choice depends on your business niche, development expectations, and consumer requirements from your web page, which will also impact the overall cost of the migration process.


Another significant factor that impacts the cost of migration is the location of the developer or the development company. It is possible that the developers are more costly in your home country than in other countries. In such cases, it’s better to outsource the developer.

You can hire WordPress developers in India or other South-Asian countries for a cost-efficient conversion process. They have a hub of developers; therefore, they can offer the best services without compromising on quality at a competitive price.

Comprehensive Guide On HTML To WordPress Conversion

Website Type

The type of website, such as eCommerce, business, portfolio, etc., is another factor that can affect the cost of migration from HTML to WordPress.

Websites are usually divided into two components, static and dynamic. A static website displays the same content for every user, whereas a dynamic site displays result based on the user’s action and settings.

A static website is simple to create; however, a dynamic website takes more time and effort from the developer. Therefore, dynamic websites will cost more.


The abovementioned factors determine the cost of conversion from HTML to WordPress website. Given its popularity, WordPress is undoubtedly a good option for building all types of websites.

By converting your website to this popular CMS, you can leverage the benefits offered by WordPress. To know more and consider other aspects of HTML to WordPress conversion, you can also read a comprehensive guide on HTML to WordPress conversion.

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