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Content Marketing Trends in 2022 l Digital Marketing Philippines

A victorious company ceaselessly comes with a good marketing strategy. These institutions are the ones ready for whatever adversities may come. Regardless of the interchangeable economy, they continuously manage to thrive.  

This year electronic commercial transactions are ongoing with their flourishment. It is increasing as both consumers and enterprises determine its easy utilization. However, the population in the Digital World is snowballing. It would be competitive to create explicit fact-based content and earn the targeted consumer’s fascination.

1. Maximizing Infographics as a Visual Content

Humans find it easier to comprehend images than texts. Based on research, 65% of the population is generally visual learners.

In 2021, the trend of utilization of infographics proliferated. This reference contains a collection of imagery, data conception, and nominal texts. These tailpieces are much more entertaining and informative to many. Although it can be time-consuming, generating such correspondence is cost-effective. The good news is multiple enterprises offer graphic outsourcing services. These SEO enterprises are great assistance in developing infographics. 

In order to maximize the benefits of infographics, you need to make them as accessible as possible to the reader. This means that your infographic should have a readable, non-technical layout that includes a clear header and a brief text summary. You should also avoid using jargon or a technical language. Additionally, your infographic should have enough contrast to make it easy to understand.

Creating a well-designed infographic can increase your social engagement, and is a great way to boost your SEO. The key is to create content on trending topics, such as the most popular holidays or the most popular books. These types of content are often shared on social media, resulting in higher traffic. Infographics can also be helpful in SEO because they tend to get shared more often than text-only content. The human brain has a strong visual memory, and it is used for more than 50% of the processing of information. A study by Venngage shows that color-based visuals increase the desire to read content by 80 percent. Also, posts with images generate 180 percent more engagement than those without images.

Creating infographics that are easy to understand is crucial for the growth of any online business. This modern technology is a fantastic way to promote your brand and business. Visual content can help you achieve the results you are looking for. If your content is well-designed and easily digestible, you will find it easy to build trust with your audience. There are several reasons why infographics are so effective.

2. Taking advantage of the Voice Search tool

Numerous clients admire utilizing voice-enabled technologies, such as:

  • Siri
  • Google Assistant
  • Alexa

The enhancement in this automation helped it to understand the user’s objective. This attribute is what made many consumers intrigued with any digital voice assistant. Companies that are fixing their online visibility should optimize it. It would make content fabrication more challenging since it differs from a regular text-keyword search. There is a contrast modus operandi to content and SEO planning with these voice-enabled technologies.

3. Emphatic Marketing 

Clients delight more in firms that understand their hassles and struggle. Hence, marketers should improve their strategy by developing content emphasizing their targeted audiences. It is effective because it prevents them from engaging with the references, whether visual or plain.  

The Native Advertising E-book developed by the famous professional network, LinkedIn, is an example of this variety of promotion. It assists merchants in growing their patrons. Moreover, it is also their guide to a fascinating advertisement.

These are a few of the content marketing trends this 2022 several organizations should utilize for a much better digital marketing strategy.

Continue reading below as Digital Marketing Philippines, well-known for its graphic design outsourcing website, share all the other virtual marketing strategy this 2022 in the infographic below: 

Content Marketing Trends


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