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Condominium cleaning specifications: do you have one for your condominium?

To obtain an error-free estimate from a company that does not generate misunderstandings, it is important to provide all useful information to define a specification for condominium cleaning, in which the work that the structure needs is precisely described.

Why have a correct specification for the cleaning of the condominium?

Even after years of work it can happen to professionals in the sector arrive completely unprepared to stipulate a quote for condominium cleaning.

How can this happen if they are serious and prove their experience?

Usually, what normally causing this problem is by  lack of communication between the condominium and the cleaning company of reference, or by a partial absence of fundamental data; for example, the presence of condominium cleaning specifications already drawn up by third parties and consolidated. but not transmitted in the contact phase.

This serious lack is not only to the detriment of the cleaning company contacted but also of the condominium and of the condominiums present, as it will lead to the discussion of the final contract not in the best conditions, with inaccurate estimates and based on incomplete data.

The consequence of this misunderstanding will be the indication of the overall costs of the project different from those taken into consideration, with imaginable misunderstandings and subsequent problems of various kinds.

Specifications for condominium cleaning and estimates: useful tips

The first piece of advice addressed to all managers of condominiums or important building structures is to take the following notes into consideration, because we have designed them to create a better organization of the works and to avoid having to run into unpleasant inconveniences.

Since the technical specifications are the fundamental acts that regulate all activities within defined premises, buildings, or areas, cleaning companies must have them to describe the operations necessary to provide an optimal service.

For those who want to contact a cleaning company, the advice relating to condominium cleaning specifications and the most immediate and simple estimates are:

  • Together with the request for an estimate made by e-mail or by telephone, also send the work specifications to the employees, so that the person in charge who will carry out the inspection is ready and has detailed information on the organization’s operating procedures and the rules to follow in order not to create inconvenience;
  • Following the inspection carried out, discuss with the cleaning company to understand if the specifications delivered are optimal and well-drafted or if significant changes or modifications are necessary during construction;
  • Provide as much useful information as possible about the specific needs of the condominium, in order to adapt the various cleaning jobs and adapt the execution methods to the relative characteristics, not always the same for each structure. 

These are small tricks that will not only facilitate the knowledge of the problems or needs of each structure. But will facilitate the owners or condominiums to understand the processing costs and all the details that make up a precise estimate of every detail.

If it provides all essential information to a cleaning company, it will certainly draw an ad hoc estimate up, perfectly structured, and free from any form of misunderstanding. 

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