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Complete guide about Mira shower spares

Mira shower spares

Finding the right spares for your electric showers can be tricky enough. Luckily Mira showers come with great support when it comes to finding the spares for your malfunctioning part. The official Mira website takes users step by step to select the shower series they installed first, then the shores model, and finally offers you the spare part you are looking for. While choosing the Mira shower spare parts, one has to be careful in selecting the correct wattage of their showers. (Website link) offers a complete guide on how to properly install the electric showers once the defective part has been replaced. 

Identifying the model/product name:

The first step will be to identify the shower model you are using in order to know whether you should be looking for Mira Jump shower spares or Mira Element shower spares. In order to find out the product name and model, look for the mira logo. The name of the product and model are written under there.

Are the Mira shower hoses universal?

According to the Mira official website, the hoses can be fit to any Mira shower so you don’t have to worry about a bad fit or a Mira adept shower spare hose being connected Instead of Mira sport shower spare hose. 

Do Mira shower heads have universal fits?

Mira shower heads are all designed to have universal fits. You can easily replace your existing shower with a new one without the fear of it not fitting.

Installing the Mira shower spare clamp bracket:

The clamp bracket is one of the easiest parts to replace. All you have to do is to unclip the cap, take the screws off and remove the clamp bracket. After that you can easily replace it with a new one by holding it in front of the screw holes, screwing it on tight and clipping the cap escort şişli back. 

Installation of the Mira Electric Shower after fixing:

 If you don’t wish to change the location of your shower, start from step no. 2. 

  1. Mark the position of the fixing holes

Take the shower unit and mark the position of the fixing holes using a chin graph pencil. Drill the holes with a masonry bit. If drilling into tiles, utilize a tile bit of masking tape to prevent the bit from slipping. Insert wall plugs and squeeze silicone sealant onto each one.

  1. Place the unit on the wall plugs. 
  2. Feed in the pipe and electric cable

Next, feed the pipe and electric cable through the back-plate of the shower unit and screw it to the wall using the supplied screws.

  1. Connect the inlet pipe

Now you can connect the inlet pipe to the shower unit. Use a pipe wrench to tighten the compression fitting.

  1. Connect the live and neutral cores

Fit the cable to the unit by connecting the life and neutral cores to the terminals marked load and the earth core to the earth terminal.

  1. Fit the cover

Fit the cover and ensure the rubber seal is in place.

  1. Fit the rail

Now the unit is connected, you can fit the fence.

  1. Connect the hose and handset

Finally, connect one end of the hose to the handset and the other to the shower unit and position it in the holder. Check the electric shower is working properly before use.

Should you attempt to install the Mira shower spares yourself:

DIY is a great way to save time and money; however, this installation guide is just for your information. We insist on hiring a trained professional to avoid disappointment, and potential injury. This guide on how to fit an electric shower is for your information only, and if you decide to be bold and try it, we cannot be responsible for any outcome.

How to Clean An Electric Shower??

Cleaning the shower is a great way to ensure that future replacement can be avoided.

 Here are a few steps and tricks to help clean your electric shower.

Empty your shower and drain all mild dirt or grime water.

Put a towel or cotton or a clean cloth to clean all the accessories of the electric shower.

Now dry all the accessories with the help of an environment. Like, open your bathroom windows and doors for the ventilation process.

Put a mug or bath cup and clean the area where the electric shower was fixed. Repeat step no 4 four to five times.

Clean the grout with the help of white vinegar or baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide. Remember! Use these chemicals with their precautions.

Fix all the Electric shower parts, and enjoy the bathing process with a new clean electric shower. 

In conclusion, Mira shower spares are not very hard to find and not very hard to install. It is, however, suggested to get an expert’s help instead of attempting to install the replacement yourself.

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