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Computers and Technology

Common solution to factory reset a toshiba laptop

how to factory reset a toshiba laptop

What is the reason of Factory Reset

You can perform a factory reset to erase all settings and personalizations that you have saved to Windows. You lose all files and programs that you have installed. The drivers and any enhancements that you have made to your laptop while it was active will need to be reinstalled.

how to factory reset a toshiba laptop does not include a reinstallation or wiping. Your settings and files are not saved. Instead, you return it to the original state it was before you switched it on.

Windows 10 now has the reset feature that allows you to restore factory settings to your laptop. Follow these steps to do this:

To invoke the Settings application, use your keyboard to press the Windows logo key as well as I.

    1. Click Security.
    2. Click Recovery to the left and then click Start under Reset This PC. Two options will be available to you:

Keep my files Delete apps and settings but save your personal files.

      1. This option will display the Getting everything ready screen.
      2. To continue, click Next
        To continue, click Next

Toshiba Laptop Factory Reset on Windows 7

If you need to toshiba satellite factory reset, and it was purchased in the past years, a recovery disk should be included in hidden partition. This is used to create a recovery partition on your hard drive that contains all of the operating system files, drivers, and other data. Use the hidden partition to restore your Toshiba Satellite.

It is very easy to use the recovery partition of “Toshiba Satellite Windows 7”. Follow these steps.

Release the 0 key when you hear a clicking sound.

Step 4 – Select the Yes option to continue system recovery after the warning screen appears.

Step 5 Select your operating system. It is Windows 7 in this instance.

Step 6 – Click on “Yes” to accept the terms and conditions of the Toshiba Satellite factory reset.

Step 7 – Now choose the option to Recover Factory Default Software from Toshiba Recovery Wizard screen. Click Next to continue.

Step 8 Select the option Recover to out of-box state, then click Next to continue.

It will take approximately 15 to 2 hours for the Toshiba satellite factory reset to be completed.


Resetting your Toshiba laptop may be necessary if it isn’t working correctly. This will wipe all data from the hard drive and restore your laptop to factory settings. These steps will reset your Toshiba laptop.

Bottom line

There are many other methods online to toshiba laptop no bootable device . This article will show you the most effective and efficient methods. To find the best solution, you can try all of them after 12 years experience we distribute our knowlede with you . To fix your Toshiba Factory Reset 0 Not Working 

Wondershare UBackit is a data recovery tool that can be used to recover files and data if you have lost them. It is a great way to prevent such catastrophes. This amazing tool is worth a look.

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