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Combine mortise locks and brass tower bolts for better door security

One of the common choices you can make for your main door security is installing a mortise lock. This lock has a marvelous set of security features that makes it a brilliant choice for households.

How does a mortise lock function?

The parts that make a mortise lock complete are a locking system, a trim that contains a knob or a handle and a lever, a strike plate, and a key cylinder. This lock is installed in a cutout or a pocket drilled in the door frame. The cutout does not make the door weak and enables a user to secure the main entrance properly. The mortise lock is then installed inside this space with a groove to let the locking system operate.

The mechanical system exists in the housing of the lock where a key enters inside the cylinder leading to operating the lock. When turned, the key can engage or disengage the locking system. This lock is ideal for the main entrance doors as it can offer excellent security features to ward off criminals. Breaking in with brutal force will not be easy as these locks come with a sturdy frame. When a strong door frame is built, this lock can offer the best support to make the main entrance security tougher.

What can help a mortise lock to enhance security?

Many households prefer installing brass tower bolts on the interior surface of the doors. This enables you to lock the door from the inside offering sturdier security. Apart from the strength of the locks, a brass tower bolt will hold the door panels strongly to the external frame. Brute force will not be able to open the doors that easily.

Locksmiths often suggest adding brass tower bolts to the security of the main door. Even the internal doors can also have such bolts. Modern households concentrate on choosing mortise locks and tower bolts to add more security to their houses.

Benefits of using mortise locks

  1. Deter burglars at the main entrance by using such locks. The improvement in main door security will be exceptional with mortise locking systems.
  2. These locks are manufactured using strong alloys. These alloys are developed specifically for manufacturing locks offering extreme strength to the main doors.
  3. The classic appearance of a mortise lock can make your retro-styled door look marvelous. These locks have better aesthetic elements than a cylinder lock.
  4. Different types of mortise locks are available for doors and furniture. You will get myriads of options to choose from.
  5. Operating mortise locks is ergonomically more comfortable and soothing.

Choosing the right brand matters

Up until now, we have only discussed how mortise locks can be used to make a door secure. It is all about quality that matters when it comes to front door security. Deterring crime becomes easier when you choose the top brand to buy mortise locks and add brass tower bolts to the plan. Consider certifications of standards when you choose a reputed brand to invest in such locks.

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