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Computers and Technology

CodeIgniter vs Laravel: Which is the Right Platform?

When we talk about developing dynamic websites, PHP will strike your mind. It is a popular server-side scripting language that is considered the best choice for website development. This open-source technology offers a lot of benefits and a plethora of frameworks.

CodeIgniter and Laravel are both popular ones and have emerged as the best frameworks for building complex and secure web applications. So, to make a decision between investing in Laravel website development services or CodeIgniter web development services, it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of both.

For ease, this blog post will differentiate both frameworks on various aspects like cost, performance, scalability, database support, and others. So, keep scrolling the page to see a distinction between both PHP frameworks.

CodeIgniter vs Laravel: Scalability

If you are looking for a scalable web development solution, then both CodeIgniter and Laravel can serve your purpose. You can invest in Laravel website development services as it is possible to scale Laravel-based web applications by utilizing advanced caching methods, MySQL, and AWS.

In contrast, CodeIgniter is a lightweight framework that will be suitable for developing scalable web applications.

CodeIgniter vs Laravel: Database Support

Here, CodeIgniter wins the game. This is because Laravel supports a limited number of databases, including SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc. Conversely, CodeIgniter supports more databases like MongoDB, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc. So, you will have a large number of database support by investing in CodeIgniter web development services.

CodeIgniter vs Laravel: Performance

In terms of the website’s performance, Laravel websites are considerably slower than the sites developed using CodeIgniter. Though, you can improve the performance of Laravel-based websites by using some methods like using caching tags and others.

CodeIgniter is the winner in terms of the performance and speed of websites. 

CodeIgniter vs Laravel: Cost

Both CodeIgniter and Laravel are open-source web development frameworks, so choosing any solution will be cost-effective for you. You will get a compelling web application within your budget either by investing in CodeIgniter web development services or Laravel website development services.

CodeIgniter vs Laravel: Security

When it comes to security, Laravel and CodeIgniter both are reliable PHP frameworks. 

Laravel is one of the most secure web development frameworks. It includes SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery (CSRF), etc., to strengthen the website’s security. So, you don’t have to worry about the security issues of your website if you have invested in Laravel website development services.

Conversely, the CodeIgniter framework contains many in-built security features like XSS  filtering, password handling, CSRF protection, and data validation. So, you will also get a secure web development solution by investing in CodeIgniter web development services.


So, it was a parameter-based comparison between Laravel and CodeIgniter. It will help you decide which of them is suitable for your website development project. 

For a worthier investment, you can look for a detailed comparison of CodeIgniter vs Laravel. It will enable you to invest your resources wisely. Though even after going through the features, differences, pros, and cons, it is still not easy to choose the reliable one between Laravel and CodeIgniter. The end choice is completely based on your project requirements.

So, be aware of your requirements and choose a suitable solution for your project.

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