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Computers and Technology

Clean and well-organized code is critical… And here is why

Have you ever thought about all of the code that goes into a website behind the scenes? There is way more than meets the eye – thats for sure. Whether it’s the HTML or PHP coding that builds the structure of the web pages or the CSS code that defines the rules and settings that make up the style of the site, the fact is, it’s very important to have clean, well-organized code even though you can’t see it on the surface. Here’s why…

Clean Code Is A Must For SEO

Clean code is very important. It must be well-structured and free of mistakes, and it must be easy to read. It’s a way to tell the pros from the amateurs on the web. It also helps the search engines figure out how to list your pages when your code runs well. It’s clear to the search engines that you care about your website and that they should care, too.

Clean Code Makes A Better User Experience

You don’t want to get bogged down with many errors and programming glitches when you visit a website, do you? Well, the truth is, your visitors don’t want that either when they land on your site. Clean Code and web pages that are checked for code and standards compliance help ensure that everything will work exactly the way it’s supposed to – bug-free – from one visitor’s browser to the next.

Clean Code Promotes Speedy Sites

Clean code promotes speedy sites. It’s amazing how much junk some sites have in their code. For every line of code on a site, the visitor’s web browser has to do more work to interpret that code. When errors are present, things are even worse as the browser has to try and figure out what to do with the error-laden code. When things are just not in the optimal place within the code, that can immensely slow things down, too – the browser reads the code from top to bottom, and there is a proper order for things to be in to ensure quick, speedy page loads.

Clean Code Makes Your Website Active

What would happen? If you needed to make changes or updates to your website, but your web designer was no longer in the business or couldn’t help for some reason, or could jump right in where the last one left off and figure out precisely what makes the site tick and how it is all put together. On the other hand, if the code was sloppy and poorly done, it could cost thousands of dollars worth of “guesswork” or a complete re-coding of the entire site to unravel the mystery. Clean code in the first place prevents problems and makes the website truly yours. Don’t let sloppy web code take your site hostage.

Don’t ignore what’s invisible to the naked eye. The code that powers your website is as important as the words and pictures you see on the screen. Clean Code and well-organized Code are essential to successful websites.

Meshur Ahir

Meshur Ahir is a Digital Marketing Executive at Pixlogix Infotech which is an Award-Winning Web Design and Web Development Company in India. Meshur Ahir Loves Internet Marketing and is always eager to share useful and authentic content to help others. He believes in Learning, Sharing, and keep growing together.

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