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Computers and Technology

Best Websites to Learn Mobile Phone Repair | Free and Premium

Learning something new is always exciting but takes time and money. However, if you want to start your career in mobile phone repair or as a technician then you have to grasp so many essential things. Such as how to repair a phone screen, replace a battery, and soldering also.

In the world, the total number of mobile users is 7.26 Billion and it’s increasing. And every mobile phone company inventing new technology for their mobile. So as a technician or technology enthusiast you have to learn new technology to cope with the situation.

Mobile phone repair, cell phone repair

Best premium websites to learn mobile phone repair:

It’s always the best idea to spend some money to buy premium materials to learn anything. Because it will provide you with high-quality materials and you can learn step by step.

1: Rewa Technology:

Rewa technology is a renowned cell phone repair parts and tools supplier from China. They have a 500K+ YouTube channel and the blog section of their website which are free to learn cell phone repair. But Rewa Academy which I wanted to talk about. Rewa academy is dedicated to teaching people how to repair cell phones. Their price starts from 19 Dollars to 1000 Dollars and they provide a certificate also.

Even you can buy all of your equipment to learn and fix any mobile phone. I feel really awesome to get everything in one place.

2: Udemy.com

Udemy is one of the famous online course providers where anyone can teach anything and earn some money. You will find so many courses related to phone repair there.

3: Linkedin Learning:

Linkedin learning one of the best websites I ever found to learn anything from SEO to Programming and electronics. All of their teachers are very professional in their field. You will really enjoy it and be master quickly. But I could they have few courses related to phone repair.

Best free websites to learn mobile phone repair:

I guess you are looking for free materials to learn cell phone repair. Free is best when you want to learn any specific subject. That means if you want to learn everything about phone repair then you have to buy it. You can’t find it free. But if you already know the basics and face a problem then you can take help from free tutorials.

1: Ifixit.com

Apple hates iFixit because they provide free tutorials to fix any apple phone as well as others. However, this is one of the best websites to learn phone repair online. You will find an enormous number of tutorials on their website. Even you can share your knowledge also if you are a professional.

2: Youtube:

I know you must use YouTube to watch movies, music, and blogs also. But YouTube has lots of videos that can greatly help you to learn mobile phone repair. I don’t want to mention any channel name here but you can search with “Cell phone repair” or something else to find your desired tutorials.


In my opinion, we need free and premium both. Most of the premium courses have a time limit and they will be old over time so you will need to find new courses or tutorials to learn new technology. But if you are new then the premium courses are the best to start from basic.


Hi Buddy! This is Rewa Gupta. I am a computer engineer and technology enthusiast. Thanks for your support

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