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Best Time To Visit Port Blair: To Enjoy The Waves

There is a spot in India where you may enjoy an azure sky, an endless stretch of blue sea, a lush landscape sprinkled with coconut palms, coral reefs, and beautiful beaches for some relaxing swimming in nature. Port Blair is the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which are located off the coast of India. It is blessed with a plethora of natural features that have long attracted visitors. You can visit Port Blair by just booking Delhi to Port Blair Package offered by Lock Your Trip. Before visiting, you must know the best time to visit Port Blair to explore it all in a better way to get the best of this beautiful town. 

Port Blair is the most significant island group in the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Because it is located in the south of the island, it has tropical weather all year. The weather hardly changes in this location. The average temperature ranges from 24° C to 32° C. The beautiful weather all year round makes the area an ideal vacation location. The location is accessible throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Port Blair is October to May. This may be the best time for some of you, but not for everyone. In this blog, we will mention everything about every season to let you decide the best time to visit Port Blair for you. 

Summer Season In Port Blair

Summer months offer their own colour to the great glory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ capital, making it the best time to visit Port Blair. From March to May. The lovely weather, the crowds, and the greatest water sports activities are all reasons why one should visit Port Blair during the summer months. 

Temperature: During the summer, the air temperature ranges from 26° C to 33° C.

Weather: The sun’s rays are reflected in the seawater. The weather, which is comfortably warm and not too cold, also allows for adventure and sightseeing activities. You’re in luck if you’re a water baby. This time of year is perfect for scuba diving. Explore the aquatic way of life on Havelock Island, which is rich in marine life and has excellent underwater visibility. 

Why You Should Visit: This time of year is gifted with just the proper amount of heat to go on an adventure or simply relax at the beach. You may go to Gandhi Park and enjoy the sunset while sipping hot tea or reading a book. Visit Jolly Buoy Island to see the underwater marine life and coral reefs while riding in a glass bottom boat through the seawater.

Know Before Visiting: Plan your itinerary and activities appropriately. To be on the safe side, purchase your tickets well in advance.

Tips: If you intend to participate in adventurous activities, bring waterproof clothing, bug repellant, and sports shoes. Carry sunscreen and at least two pairs of sunglasses. 

Monsoon Season In Port Blair

Port Blair is a delightful destination to visit all year, but the monsoon season is really a good time to visit the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. From June to September, you may visit the city when the weather showers its affection on it in the form of rain. The best aspect about this season is that the city would be nearly empty of tourists, which offers great savings on Port Blair hotels and packages. 

Temperature: During the monsoon season, the temperature ranges from 24° C to 30° C.

Weather: The monsoon season at Port Blair does include the frequent threat of a thunderstorm, therefore the tourist season is quite limited at this time of year. Temperatures continue to fall as the days pass. However, with hardly any people around, you will enjoy the sun-kissed azure water and the cushiony moist sand all to yourself. 

Why You Should Visit: This is the best time to visit Port Blair if you want to spend some quality time with your family away from the crowds. Enjoy a private beach party with your family because this time of year is typically off-season, and you won’t have to worry about crowded beaches.  You might also go snorkelling at Bharatpur beach and immerse yourself in the majesty of colourful coral reefs and diverse aquatic life.

Know Before Visiting: Because it is the off-season, take advantage of any discounts and special deals on tickets and accommodations. Before making travel arrangements, check the weather report. 

Tips: Carry an umbrella, warm clothing, and a raincoat. While travelling, keep an eye on the surroundings and consider safe routes. 

Winter Season In Port Blair

The Winter season in Port Blair is defined by the months of October to February, and it is also the best time to visit Port Blair. The reason for visiting Port Blair in the winter is the incredibly pleasant weather and the beginning of the tourism season, which means that the location is just beginning to receive people. 

Temperature: During the winter season, the temperature ranges from 15° C to 25° C.

Weather: Port Blair’s mild winters are ideal for getting out and seeing this tropical gem. This is the greatest time to visit Port Blair since it is ideal for beach activities and water sports. The pleasant weather also permits some bird viewing. The fact that this season is not particularly cold guarantees that you won’t experience any shivers. 

Why You Should Visit: This time of year is good for adventure seekers since it is ideal for water activities. It’s challenging not to fall to the music of the clean and welcoming sparkling seas of the many beaches that populate this island. Other adventurous and intriguing outdoor activities are also available throughout this season. 

Know Before Visiting: Because winter is the busiest season, plan your tickets and accommodations early in advance to prevent any problems later. Even if the weather is normally warm, have some light sweaters or shawls on hand just in case.

Tips: Because it is peak season, be aware of the pricing and reserve your tickets early. Make sure to consider your choices. Plan your activities and schedule with the weather in mind. Make sure you take woollen clothes, a jacket, moisturiser, cold cream and some sunglasses.

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Suraj Rana

Suraj Rana is a travel enthusiast who loves to visit the most popular as well as offbeat places in the world. He loves to share his travel experiences with fellow travelers.

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