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2022 did not get off to a good launch, but it promises new adventures like Kedarkantha Trek. There are 19 long weekends in a time, so 19 short recesses if you plan duly. Where are you going? From the beautiful but exposed floating islets of Assam to the sacred lakes of Ladakh, these are our favourites. 


1. Kedarkantha journey, Uttarakhand 

One of the stylish downtime treks in India, Kedarkantha Winter Trek is a beautiful trail through remote townlets, vast meadows, meadows, snow- limited stretches and majestic views of the Himalayas. The Kedarkantha journey begins in the small vill of Sankari. 


Kedarkantha is one of the easiest hikes in the area and can fluently be covered by newcomers. Your destination is the Tonzu Valley Hills, where the trail passes through the rich and protected foliage and fauna of Govind National Park. 


Upon appearance at your destination, enjoy the most spectacular views of major mountain ranges similar as Swargrohini, Bandarpoonch and Black Peak. Also, the locals are veritably friendly and helpful, making the trip readily, accessible and an indelible experience. 


2. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand 

Trek through Himalayan glaciers, rustic islands and thick timbers to reach this 87- forecourt- kilometre natural bouquet. The vale of flowers bloom in August with orchids, timetables, marigolds, primulas and other species. And if you are a slow- moving discoverer, the antique townlets of Ghangaria offer the perfect place to rest with a relaxed life and quiet vill life. touring at the vale of flowers will remind you of the old Bollywood songs.


3. Sindhudurg, Maharashtra 

 Sindudurg’s new Chipi field is now functional and this littoral megacity is now flying from Mumbai to He Within 2 hours. There is so important to do scuba dive off the seacoast of Tarkarli, visit Malvan’s Sindhudurg Fort, climb a 19th- century lighthouse. 


4.Keoladeo, Rajasthan 

 In February, Keoladeo National Park transforms into a raspberry watcher’s paradise. Thousands of migrant catcalls similar as spoonbills, slate geese, and downs lawn can be seen in the demesne, along with catcalls from China, Turkmenistan, and Siberia. The demesne was formerly a Maharajah’s favourite duck- stalking area and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


5.Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu 

 trip through turquoise waters to the islet city of Rameshwaram via the new Pamban Bridge, listed to open in March 2022. The North Wind provides an excellent occasion to vampire his suds in Manor Bay. latterly, relax on Dhanushkodi Beach at the tip of the key. 


6.North Sikkim 

 In April, sanguine flowers dot every corner of Simba Rhododendron Reserve in Yumthang Valley. About 40 kinds of rhododendrons can be seen then. At the other end of the diapason, Sikkim’s white beauty lies at Zero Point, the loftiest drivable point in the state, which is covered in snow at this time of time. 

Darjeeling, West Bengal 

Darjeeling’s narrow, winding roads and steep rolling hills give way to the vast colonies of its notorious tea. March to October is ranch season, and the scent of shrubs fills the skies above the mountain station. 


Still, you might indeed catch a glimpse of Makaibari Estate’s oolong tea crop, which is only gathered on the night of the first full moon of the season, If you are lucky. 


7.Tso Moriri Lake, Ladakh 

Lake’s deep blue palette is just as witching as the differing high hillsides. India’s largest high- altitude lake, Tso Moriri, is less visited than the notorious Pangong Lake. 


The area is of witching beauty with open geographies and clear skies visited by rare wildlife similar to migrant catcalls and Tibetan wolves, as well as further common creatures similar to original Changpas herds. 


8. Gavi, Kerala 

July brings cool temperatures and lush verdure to the pristine beauty of Gavi. The evergreen timbers of this Malabar city are home to wildlife similar to sambar and barking deer. The rest of the country is covered with wineries where you can explore winemaking and majestic falls where you can take a dip. 


 9. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 

Still, this time you should head to one of India’s most popular destinations the bamboo copse of Yercaud, If you’ve formerly explored the city. This small city sits at the base of the Salem Mountains and also has numerous edge points overlooking the vale. Head upwardly to Kiliyur Falls. Yercaud Lake isn’t to be missed for its pristine beauty and tranquil atmosphere. 


 10. Majuli, Assam 

Located between the two channels of the Brahmaputra River, Majuli Island remains submerged throughout time. But when the thunderstorm weakens, sparkling strands crop, and Assamese husbandry communities return to the country. 

Head to this serene destination soon, as a fleetly changing climate and raging flash cataracts from near feeders are anticipated to hit the quarter permanently for times to come. 


 11. Shillong, Meghalaya 

When the Meghalayan capital starts to bloom pink in November, the Cherry Blossom Festival officially begins.. Then, explore the graceful beauty of root islands creeping through the sacred timbers of Mawphlang. As the thunderstorm eases in October, the rainfall is also ideal for planning an immersive trip into Khasi matrilineal culture. 


12. Usgalimal, Goa 

It’s relatively possible that you’re in Goa in December and not girdled by numerous people. The villa of Usgalimal in South Goa has ancient petroglyphs sculpted into a bed of laterite gemstone.

 Then, enjoy some solitude by the Kushavati River before heading to Lake Budu Bud, known for washing all day long. Why this is so is a riddle that must be answered by the locals during your stay.


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