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Best Places to See in Malta

Malta is one of the best places to see in Europe for tourists. It offers a lot of historic sites, megalithic temples, and beaches. Being one of Europe’s smallest nations has the advantage of not having to spend too much time moving around. The distances are very short, and there is no other country in Europe that offers so many historic sites, megalithic temples, and beaches as well as bars, restaurants, tourist resorts, and bars.

Cultural influences can be found in historic buildings and sites, the language Maltese which sounds Arabic and is sprinkled with Italian and French words, as well as the cuisine with flavors from Sicily, the Middle East, and local ingredients like Malta’s honey.

The grid-like streets of Malta’s capital city make it nearly impossible to miss a turn. You can still enjoy the honey-colored architecture and take photos of the iconic balconies. If you have time to do just one thing touristy, make sure to visit St John’s Co-Cathedral, which boasts stunning Caravaggio paintings and marble-and-gold leaf interiors.


The capital of Malta is a great place to start, with its center being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is best to wander through the narrow, steep streets of Valletta to discover its beauty.

Republic Street is the main shopping street. It runs to the Fort of St. Elmo via a pedestrianized stretch. These squares were designed originally to serve as meeting points for soldiers in the event of an attack. The most famous is Republic Square. It’s also known as Piazza Regina or Queen’s Square. This square was named after Queen Victoria’s statue.

You must also see the Grand Harbour, St. John’s Cathedral, and the Auberges. These were originally built in the 16th century to house knights of Saint John. The Auberge Castille is home to the Maltese Prime Ministry. It is one of the most striking.

The Dingli Cliffs

The Dingli Cliffs, Malta’s highest point above the sea level, are home to some of the most spectacular views in Malta. You can enjoy stunning views and spectacular sunsets from 253 meters above sea level.

Mdina is the best place to start your journey. Bus No. You can take Bus No. 52 from Mdina-Dingli and walk 10 minutes further. Bus number 201 stops right at the edge of the cliff and makes its rounds.

There aren’t many things to do once you get there. However, there are some places to get a drink and food. You can walk along the cliff edge to take in the view.

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

Because it is unique, this underground temple is a treasure. Although scientists believe it was built over 5000 years ago, there is still no clear explanation. It is believed to have been a burial site due to more than 7000 bones found within.

The Hypogeum is a historical treasure and was therefore added to the UNESCO world heritage list. You can only allow 80 people to enter the Hypogeum per day. This is why you should book your tickets in advance. The Hal Saflieni hypogeum is not cheap at 30 EUR/pp. Photography is strictly prohibited. However, I think it is worth the price.

However, before you can visit Malta you will have to follow some new regulations. Learn more here

Hike across Malta or Gozo

This sounds much more difficult than it is. Ghadira Natural Reserve is located near Popeye Village. This is where Malta’s island narrows to approximately 500m in width. You can walk to one side of the island in 30 minutes.

The Girgenti Walking is a great place to hike and see many historical sites. If you enjoy a good ramble, this is the place to be.


Zurrieq is one of the oldest cities in Malta. It offers tourists many things to do and see. The town’s long history allows tourists to view remains and relics from the Bronze Age, Roman eras, and the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries.

Although there are many chapels scattered throughout the town, the Parish Church of St. Catherine is one of the most beautiful churches in Malta. The Wardija Tower, the Nigret Palace, and the Xarolla Windmill are all important attractions.


Mdina is a medieval city with less than 300 residents. It was the Maltese epicenter since the 16th century. Mdina is located on top of a plateau with stunning views of the Mediterranean and the island.

It is very walkable, with only a few cars allowed through the gates. This is why the city has been called “Silent City”. Tourists can also enjoy the city’s well-protected Norman or baroque architecture, walk along the city’s beautifully lit paths after dark, and visit the Cathedral Museum, one of the most important European religious museums.

Museums & Visitor attractions

The abundance of museums in Malta means you can enjoy the rich history and culture of the island. The National Museum of Natural History, Mdina, offers many informative displays. While the Cathedral Museum contains documents from the Inquisition as well as Rembrandt engravings, the Cathedral Museum has them all. The newly restored Fort St. Elmo in Valletta houses the National War Museum, which reveals what happened in the two World Wars in Malta. The Valletta St. John’s Co-cathedral is an architectural gem in its own right. However, don’t forget about the nearby museum that displays Caravaggio paintings.

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