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Best Data Parsing Software for Capturing Leads from Web Forms, Live Chat, etc

In businesses, a lead is everything because they show interest in the products and services you are selling. They share contact information like email addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes even social media profiles. The medium of gathering the contact information of leads can be in masses. For example web forms, pop-ups, chatbots, live chat, quizzes, surveys, etc. But their final destination should be a centralized platform. Yes, you may have guessed it, we are talking about a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform.

The process of capturing leads from incoming emails might seem pretty straightforward. But when the numbers of leads along with the sources are overwhelming, your strategy might fluctuate. There is a bunch of Email to Leads and data parsing software available but there will always be difficulties in precisely parsing and recording the leads via emails. Due to this the final outcome majorly differs as well.

This happens because of the diversity in the email lead capturing methods. Also, the lead data coming in emails are sometimes not in the ideal structure. To deal with this problem, you need to have a flexible tool that can handle complex and dynamic information. Fortunately, there is software that can do all of that and much more. We are talking about Email to Lead which is a lead capturing tool developed by the OutRight Store.

Instant Benefits of Using Email to Leads

Apart from automated lead generation, there are some other positive aspects of using data parsing software. Some of them are listed below.

  • A Centralized Platform for all Leads: One of the major benefits is the data will be directly saved into the CRM. It means that you don’t need to search data across multiple platforms and even departments.
  • Automation at its Best: When we talk about automation, we mean to say entirely automated. From creating records directly in the CRM to assigning these records to the appropriate users. In addition, this tool can identify and update the records based on duplicate email addresses, subjects, and phone numbers. All these processes will be automated.
  • Start Segmentation from Early Stages: Lead Nurture is the process where many companies are still struggling. One of the main reasons behind that is delayed or wrong segmentation of the leads. But with the help of Email to Leads, you can assign lead sources and segment them at an early stage.

Advanced Features of Data Parsing Software 

  • Create Records in Any Module: The Email to Leads allows you to create records in any module. It will fetch all the necessary information from the email and create a new record in the leads module, or as a matter of fact, in any other module (Core & Custom).
  • Create Custom Field Mapper: Every business is unique and therefore demands different information from its customers. For example, if you’re asking for the company size in terms of employees then you can create a mapper like [Company Size:].
  • Update Records and Avoid Duplication: Suppose you have already had a record with the email address xyz@gmail.com and you receive another email that consists of this same email. Then instead of creating a new record, the plugin will update the existing records and attach the new email to history. This can also be done on the basis of phone number and email subject.
  • In-built Spam Detector: This security feature makes sure only genuine emails get through. When this feature is enabled, emails with little to no content in the email body will not be able to create records in the SuiteCRM.
  • Create Multiple Inbound Settings: The plugin allows you to create multiple inbound emails i.e. it can read and fetch all emails received on the inbound email addresses.
  • Multiple Receiver Settings: By creating multiple receiver settings you will get the freedom to be more flexible, in short, the possibilities will become limitless. Like creating records in different modules coming from different email addresses, adding lead sources, separate record assignments, etc.
  • Allow Records Creation only by Authorized Domains: In this plugin, there is an option in which you can enter the authorized domains and after that, emails coming from these particular domains will be able to create records in SuiteCRM.

Pricing and Offer

You can have the 3 Days free trial of this plugin at the OutRight Store.

Things don’t end here. Now you have data parsing software to lead capture from incoming emails, your next focus should shift to Lead Nurture. For this, you can use Our Email Drip Campaign which allows you to send emails to customers on a predefined and based on their actions and status. Drip Campaigns are the most successful and proven way of nurturing leads.


I am Aashna Khanna, Marketing Specialist at OutRight Store, a marketplace for CRM tools. We build SuiteCRM and SugarCRM plugins that can be the perfect ones for your project. You will get a 3-Day Risk-Free trial, free installation and configuration, and lifetime support. We have plugins for email and SMS automation, integration with other business applications, and everything in between.

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