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Beginners Hack To Plan Your Instagram Content

After the new updates that have been made to the Instagram application, now it is possible to plan content in it. There are several apps available out there that can help you in this regard. All you need to do is spend some dollars each month on those applications. In return, the applications make sure that you get maximum Instagram likes.

These applications help you organize everything that you do on Instagram. However, for business owners, each penny that they spend matters. If you want to learn how to plan your content on Instagram for maximum Instagram followers then keep reading this blog.

Why you should use draft posts on Instagram

When you are new to Instagram planning everything ahead of time feels like a big deal and feels overwhelming. No matter what task you need to do, planning is never an easy task. Choosing the correct stories and making a cohesive Instagram feed is a difficult task. This is why we suggest our clients spend a couple of dollars on Instagram managing applications.

These apps help you manage your stories, edit them and schedule everything for maximum Instagram likes. But everyone cannot spend the money on these applications as they might need the money for other purposes. For such people, the Instagram draft is an easy and free method to manage all content.

How to create an Instagram draft post

To get started all you need to do is tap on the plus sign on the homepage of your Instagram. Next, you need to do is select the content that you want to upload to your Instagram. However, we suggest that you keep the following things in mind.

  • The content of IGTV must be a minute long
  • The videos that you upload in your feed must be less than a minute
  • Your posts can contain up to 10 photos only

Afterward, you need to make sure that all other content of your post is also prepared. This would include the caption, hashtags, and geotags. Then all you need to do is tap on the draft option. It would save your content on Instagram without posting it to your feed.

How to delete an Instagram draft post

Sometimes we need to delete the posts that we have saved as drafts. With the changing scenario of the world, we need to change as well. We need to plan everything by keeping the followers in mind and only uploading that content in which the followers are interested.

It is very simple to delete the posts that you have saved as a draft on Instagram. All you need to do is select the option of manage. Then you will see another option of edit. From here you can select the draft posts that you want to remove from the draft section. These posts will be deleted without ever being uploaded to the Instagram feed.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is to use the same device for this purpose. A draft post is saved on the device on which it is created. So, you cannot access it from a different device. Even if you are logged in from the same account you wouldn’t be able to see the draft post.

For example, if I save a post as a draft on my laptop then it would only be visible on my laptop. If I move towards my cell phone and open my account there, the draft post wouldn’t be visible on that device. So, I would need to open my laptop to upload and delete that draft post.

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