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Bathing In Water In A Dream – For Better Or For Worse?

Swim in a dream – is it a joy or a misfortune?

About one-third of their lives are sleeping residents. Not surprisingly, the mysterious world of dreams is of great interest to scientists, doctors and fortune tellers. It is assumed that the color and the black-and-white images that can be seen during the holidays, talk about the future. To unravel the meaning of such a vision help the details lifeguard training


Water that evokes positive associations in people. It is called the source of life, youth, purity. Does this mean swimming in a dream – to do good?

Read the opinions of Vanga, Mole near, Hassen and other well-known predictors, you can get galactic and often contradictory information. To understand how a person guesses events seen a dream, you need to remember as many details there as possible. About that, whether upcoming fun events or failure to tell the state of water, its temperature, mood, swimming, location, and other important factors. So does that mean Swim in the dream?


Water temperature – an important detail, which should bring on conversion in the first place.

Negative omen – to bathe in a dream in the icy water. Ice for centuries symbolized the cold. This dream should not be seen as a warning to the sleeping man. It is possible that he is going to trade rashly, taking risks where this is not necessary. Safety is far more important than the fleeting profit.
Cold (no ice) water, in which a person bathes in a dream tells about his emotional state. It is possible that sleep is immersed in a deep depression, which is the result of the emotional turmoil. sleep also indicates excessive passivity where the need for action.

See yourself shrinking in the hot water – just the opposite, doing well. The lover can not file that his sense of responsibility. The person starting a new business will soon receive proof of its profitability.


Not only the temperature but also the state of water that is bathed sleep host plays an important role. Interpretation of the dream depends on whether it is pure or dirty.

Swim in a dream in the clear water – it’s great, especially when it’s still clear. Healthy stay so sick already made a step on the way up found. You can safely rely on the positive changes that are about to happen in life. At least expect good news.
A vision in which water appears dirty does just the opposite interpretation. Bathing persons at risk of spoiling relationships with native persons due to a stupid dispute, for a long time of going with someone important. It is also worth the effort, not swimming in water mud.


Interpreters saw a dream, it is necessary to take into account the time of day. Swimming water phone in the light of day can not be held more meaningful, in this case to lay the result file dream to help other factors: the temperature and purity of the water body, the place where the floats fall asleep. Other business – Dive into the water at night.

Night swimming crushing dream book stands as a negative sign. A combination of darkness and water is able to indicate the threat of serious illness. It is possible that the enemies are spreading rumors behind, may turn into an argument with family and friends, problems at work.
Also swimming at night in his sleep in clean water or dirty means to have doubts, feelings. It may be that sleep host regrets, he is not able to forget about this or that indiscretions.


Swimming in the river, in most cases, is a positive sign. Sleeping man in a state of harmony, nothing bothers him. Seeing myself fall into a pond, must go out the beginning of the changes that will turn into a blessing. Exception – polluted water, pointing to the conflicts and binaries, has happened or is only expected.

Swim in the river in a dream with someone – a big sign. People see that picture, next time waiting for a higher post in recognition of the team, an unexpected win, resolution of the financial difficulties.


What does it mean to bathe in the sea in a dream? Wake up, you need to remember how to behave waves. Negative omens – swimming in a storm. Sleep host or already lost the ability to suppress negative emotions, or is it to associate with. It is also likely strong shock loss. Poor and confused in seaweed when swimming. This image speaks of the loss of inner freedom, depression, that was the result of the painful experiences.
Swim in the sea in a dream – a good sign whether the water is calm. This can point to a quick resolution of the serious issues, eliminating the consequences of past mistakes. Hot water promises the sudden resolution of the financial problems, the rapid enrichment.

All of the above true for swimming in the ocean, in dreams.


In their dreams, people do not swim only in natural waters. Swimming in the pool in a dream – is it good or bad? To answer that question correctly in the first place must assess its size. Swimming in a small pool – can be deciphered as a warning that people had doubts about their abilities, do not dare to start a serious business, postpones the transition to action.
The situation is different with a large swimming pool. Immersed in a in a dream, we can hope for a quick promotion. And will the improvement of the financial situation, it is possible that of significant.

What does swimming in the pool do in a dream for a young girl. If she is not putting on a swimsuit, she should give priority correctly. It is possible that sleep hostess overly focused on personal life, ignoring the career building.

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