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  • Health and MedicalPhoto of The Study of the Digestive System

    The Study of the Digestive System

    Best Dietician in Gurgaon:- The digestive system is probably the most important physiological function explore in micronutrition. Since some years, we discover that the ecosystem intestinal is a great regulator of the most part of our physiological functions. This system includes the intestinal flora which is composed of more than 100,000 billion bacteria we work with closely together with the…

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  • Health and MedicalPhoto of Nutritional Medicine and Functional Medicine

    Nutritional Medicine and Functional Medicine

    Online Dietician:- Micronutrition is an approach complementary to conventional medicine based on recognized scientific knowledge. First, it consists in satisfying the micronutrient needs of an individual, by a healthy and diversified diet, associated if necessary for a complement personalized. It is based on advances in research and on the links between food and health. This approach is particularly suitable functional…

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