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Dakota Lynn

Dakota Lynn

I’ve kept a diary of all my adventures since I was a little girl, so I guess it makes sense that I ended up blogging years later! When I’m not writing about my favorite Friday night restaurant finds or must-have skincare products, I like to throw in a mix of fashion advice, travel recommendations, or even tips on where to find the best wine for date night. It’s a fun little hodgepodge, and I hope my blog helps others to find new products or brands they can share with their friends too. Thanks for checking out my profile!
  • Fashion and LifeStylePhoto of Why Period Underwear and Road Trips Are a Match Made in Heaven

    Why Period Underwear and Road Trips Are a Match Made in Heaven

    Road trips are a part of life. They might take a few hours or a few days, but it doesn’t make much difference when you’re on your period. Periods and road trips used to be at odds, but they’ve found a middle ground with the help of absorbent, reusable period underwear. You might even say that period underwear and road…

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  • Business and TradePhoto of How to Find the Perfect Baby Carrier

    How to Find the Perfect Baby Carrier

    Are you tired of using complicated products designed to carry your baby? Sometimes, all you want is a simple, straightforward baby carrier. A great design certainly helps, too. What do you get when you ditch the excess features you don’t need? You can leave behind elaborate slings with rings, wraps with yards of complicated fabric, and carriers with buckles and…

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