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Computers and Technology

Animation by the Top Production Companies in Singapore – A Complete Feast for Your Eyes!

With the massive technological advancement and rise of digital content, animation technologies are no more confined to the cinema industry and have found their applications in various sectors like medical, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, and so on. Therefore, whatever business sector you belong to, 2D and 3D animation are indispensable. If you are looking for animation services, 3D Animation Company Singapore is the one you can blindly trust. They have top-notch animation artists who will leave no opportunity to amaze you with their fine work. 
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What are 2D and 3D animations?

The art of creating figures and their movements in a two-dimensional space is called 2D animation. In this kind of animation, the artists of the 2D Animation Company in Singapore hand-draw every image, sequence individual drawings together, and add VFX and background to generate illusory movement. Conversely, in 3D animation, computer software is used to create 3D models inside a digital environment. 

Stages of production

Whether it is a 2D or 3D animation, filmmaking involves three stages. Here are the step-by-step procedures that the production houses follow:

  • Pre-production- This is the first step toward making the animated film. In the case of 2D animation, the animation artists start with simple sketches and develop them into detailed designs and images. Also, they add backgrounds bringing the characters into life. Whereas, in a 3D animation project, the process starts with writing a script and creating the storyboard, including ideas of camera shots, poses of the characters, etc. Next, in the animatic phase, the editorial team of the 3D Animation Company in Singapore makes animation reels, including still or moving images with other musical ideas. Finally, the artists decide on the visual design and development to conclude the pre-production phase.
  • Production- In this phase, the 2D animators make a rough animation, paint the drawing and add background frames, sounds, and other effects with the help of animation software. Alternatively, in a 3D video, the animators go through various procedures to bring life to the animated characters. At first, the design is made, followed by the most vital modeling. Next, with 3D texturing, color, texture, and shadows are added to the characters. 3D rigging, animation, and lighting then come into play. Lastly, the team renders the video in separate layers for composting. 
  • Post-production- The 2D Animation Company Singapore gives finishing touches to the 2D animated film in the post-production stage, adding extra sound effects and exporting the video in various formats. Also, in a 3D animation, the final edit on sound and music design, color correction, and composting is taken care of with utmost precision. 

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Frequently asked questions

Q. For product videos which one is best 2D or 3D?

Generally, animators use 2D techniques to make product videos. Contact the top production companies to know in detail.

Q. Are 2D animations cheaper? 

2D animations are usually cost-effective compared to 3D, though it varies from project to project. 

Q. Can I use animation technologies to boost my business?

Yes, 2D and 3D animations are the most effective tools to advance your business.


The industry-leading production houses provide premium services, visit their official website and raise a quote.


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