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Computers and Technology

AngularJS vs ReactJS – Which One to Choose?

JavaScript comes with a lot of benefits and frameworks. Among plenty of JavaScript-based frameworks, AngularJS and ReactJS are the popular ones and are extremely used. So, discussing AngularJS vs ReactJS is somehow a major topic of concern. 

It is also vital to decide whether to invest in AngularJS web development services or ReactJS development services.

So, this blog post will show you the battle between two major players in the web development game: AngularJS and ReactJS.

Here, the comparison will be performed based on various factors such as speed, performance, scalability, etc.


ReactJS uses the virtual DOM concept that helps to boost the performance of any web application. It efficiently handles the UI updates of the web application and ensures the fast processing of the web application. It is the preferred choice to develop lightweight web applications.

In contrast, AngularJS will be an amazing choice for developing heavy enterprise web applications. Therefore, it will be preferred to hire a ReactJS web development company if you have to create lightweight web applications and to create heavy enterprise web applications; it will be good to rely on an AngularJS web development company.

Learning Curve

AngularJS has a steeper learning curve that makes it challenging to learn and understand. As compared to ReactJS, it is complex to learn and understand AngularJS.

On the other hand, the same does not go with ReactJS. If you are familiar with JavaScript, it will be easier for you to use this JavaScript-based library. It is comparatively easy to learn and understand.

But if you are not tech-savvy, you will find both ReactJS and AngularJS complex. In such a case, you should hire a ReactJS development company or AngularJS development company according to the framework you choose for website development.

Data Binding

ReactJS offers one-way data binding in which the UI components can be changed by altering the model state, but vice versa is not possible. 

Conversely, AngularJS uses two-way data binding in which the model state gets automatically updated with any alteration in the UI component and vice versa.

Community Support

ReactJS is maintained by Facebook and is a widely popular JavaScript library with huge community support globally.

On the other hand, AngularJS is developed by Google, provides long-term support for the framework, and constantly improves it. However, there will be faster updates that cause documentation falls behind.

The battle is not just limited to such factors. There is much more to distinguish between both AngularJS and ReactJS. You can look to this AngularJS vs ReactJS for a proper distinction between both major JavaScript-based technologies.


There is no such full proof or one solution that fits all needs of every web development project. Every project has different or unique needs. Similarly, the offerings of every framework are unique.

However, you can list down your requirements and select the well-suited framework accordingly. Moreover, the best approach is to hire a web development company that can provide you with a compelling web application as per your requirements using the framework that suits your needs.

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