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Amazing Ideas to Integrate into your On-Demand Multi-Service App

On-Demand Apps like Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App have captured a greater market share already. Customers always sought after businesses and apps that offer them the best Services and convenience! And this is why KINGX 2022 has been launched with the most attractive facets. In this blog, we’ll talk about features that are high in demand these days. This will give an idea about the ongoing market trends so that you can incorporate them and launch the most enticing App of the decade! 

Let’s begin! 


Offer Multiple Online Payment Options 

When launching an On-Demand Multi-Services App ensure that you offer multiple payment options for users who prefer paying online. Online Payments are the need of this century because Customers don’t want to be bound by carrying limited cash only while shopping. Moreover, Pandemic has made everyone trust Online Transactions as it eliminates contracting viruses via the exchange of banknotes.  

Include payments via Credit Card and In-App Wallets for the User’s ease. KINGX 2022 App also provides Multiple Credit Card Management making it much more convenient for the Users to pay for the services/orders.

In-App Push Notifications

It seems kind of frustrating when you have to open the Mobile Application every time to check the current status of your Booking. But, with the feature of In-App Push Notifications users can get real-time updates of the progress on their Order/Service. 

Say, you’ve ordered Pizza from a nearby Pizza Joint. You get minute-by-minute updates via Notifications themselves! Thus, won’t it be easier to get order status such as Order Confirmed, Order on the way, Order Delivered, etc without having to open the App again and again?  So, remember to add this feature in your App like Gojek

Real-time location tracking 

The App lets the users track the location of the Delivery or Taxi Driver on the App. ti lets them determine how far they are from the Service Location. The Driver’s Live Location is visible on the In-App Map. Users can also see the Estimate Time of Arrival! 

The Real-Time Tracking system also comes in handy when users book a taxi ride. Herein, the User can share a tracking link to their friends and family. Implying, people with the tracking link can see the Gojek Clone Rider’s live location, where they have reached, how far are they from their destination, etc. 

Include the two new components of the Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App, that is, Online Video Consultation and Bid for Service. These Components can be counted as the real deal-breaker and here’s why. 

Online Video Consultation 

Under this component, the Users can book a Video Consultation Session with Top-Class Doctors, Advocates, Academic Tutors, and even  Astrologers. Users no longer need to manually book the appointment, visit the professional, and get a consultation. Everything can now happen online via Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022!

Service Bidding 

Users can post a task they want to get done from plumbers, carpenters, home painters, and other handymen. Based on the post, the Service Providers can bid for them. App Users can thus, compare the bidder’s profile and their negotiating terms & conditions before hiring them. 


Use these amazing and market-trending ideas while launching your very own Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App. Discuss other business prospects with the Industry Experts such as V3Cube. 

This On-Demand Mobile App Development Company will offer you their Demo App trials before you make a purchase decision. Customize their Base App according to your requirements and gain the competitive edge!


Aaron Diaz is a technical writer of gojek app clone development company. He loves exploring new things and sharing writeup skill with others. He has an extensive experience in building succesful strategy for app-based industry.

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