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Algeria’s Energy Sector Tenders: Consult these Three Portals for Crucial Updates

Algeria is an energy producing-exporting country. The principal energy sources are crude oil, followed by natural gas. In fact, the energy sector represents a major industrial activity and an economic contributor to the country. With an annual generation of roughly six quadrillion British thermal, Algeria is the leading primary energy producer in Africa. State-owned national oil company Sonatrach, the largest company in Africa, owns roughly 80 percent of total hydrocarbon production in Algeria, while International Oil Companies (IOCs) account for the remaining 20 percent.

Therefore, the tender market for the energy sector is active. Especially that the two companies, Sonelgaz and Sonatrach, are constantly launching projects. Algeria is opening more to foreign investment and partnerships, mainly since the government dispelled the “51/49” restrictive rule that required Algerian majority ownership of all new companies. This rule, however, remains applicable for certain strategic sectors like hydrocarbons, mining, defense, and pharmaceuticals. 

Still, the Algerian government wants to attract foreign direct investment, and soon more amendments shall touch all the sectors. That is why one should keep an eye on all the latest updates concerning projects and tenders emanating from the energy sector. Tender portals like Baosem, Bomop, and DZtenders.com provide all the information you need. 

Before we delve into more details, let’s first see what tender portals are and how they can help you. 

What is an online tender portal?

Tender portals are information aggregators designed to facilitate the tendering journey for businesses and experts. They monitor the public and private sector market and provide all the latest news on its activity. Practically, you’ll get access, through a website or mobile app, to a complete package of information about calls or requests for tenders, architect competitions and their respective results, notices of unsuccessfulness, and contract awards. 

Algeria Tenders: Baosem, Bomop and DZtenders.com 


Baosem is “Bulletin des Appels d’Offres du Secteur de l’Energie et des Mines,” in French. Whereas in English, it alludes to “Publication of Energy and Mines Sector Bidding Bulletin (Tenders)”. Baosem is actually a subsidiary of SONATRACH and SONELGAZ Groups. it has been established on 17 November 2002 within the framework of the Energy Sector’s procurement policy. BAOSEM Company is specialized in publishing the Bidding Bulletin (Tenders) issued by the energy sector companies and institutions. In other words, Baosem provides all the necessary information on tenders from Sonatrach and Sonelgaz Group companies, and also tenders from other energy sector enteties.


Official bulletin of public operator market. Bomop is a weekly bulletin issued in three editions: Arabic, French and English. It gathers national calls to tender, prequalification, tendering, contests, extension of deadline, formal notice, termination, wage index, public works and building materials, studies, texts of legal and regulatory character.


Baosem and Bomop have specific tender markets to cove. However, DZtenders.com provides extensive information on every sector in the Algerian tender marketplace. With an annual subscription, the tender portal keeps you updated with the latest news on the energy sector, and both the public and private tender sectors..


These three platforms are the main tender information aggregators in Algeria. For any business information related to Algeria, consult Baosem, Bomop and DZtenders.com.

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