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A Tarot Reading for a Day in Your Life: How Your Least Favourite Card is Influencing You

Introduction to Tarot reading


Tarot reading Card to know your life or matters related to it is a trend as well as a practice for Gen Z and Millenials. The primary reasons behind the success of Tarots are: They are accurate, interesting and easy to use. The steps are simple, just form a question in your mind, shuffle and pull a card. Read out the meaning associated with the symbols of the particular card. 

Our life does not follow rules or goes in one way always. Things might happen in a way we never hoped for. Tarots give insight to such events and provide necessary solutions to deal with it. It does’nt matter for whom you are reading, you will get the right answer in the fastest way. 


Least Favourite Cards in a Deck: Reasons and Myths


Any card which symbolizes obstacles, breakdown or loss should be the least favourite because no one really wants the slightest hints of problems in their lives. The tag of “least favourite” varies from person to person. Let us take a look at the commonly hated cards and the reasons or myths associated with them.

  1. The Three of Swords: As it represents a heartbreak or relationship feuds, no one wishes this card in their tarot reading. But this card might have a deeper, eye-catching meaning. The three swords symbolize three important things: actions, words and intentions, the three ways the person you love might affect you. But it is not always the other half who can be the source of all sorts of problems, it can be you as well. There are times when a person is indecisive and tries to suppress his emotions, causing the relationship to fall apart due to lack of communication. Sometimes, a person is so wounded by the past that it haunts and ruins his present. The Three of Swords coming up in a reading might be a lesson for you to let go of the past and start afresh. There can be a brighter side of things: you can successfully solve the problems instead of planning to end the relationship. Give yourself time, heal from the past. 
  2. Death Card: It is because of the name that some people interpret the wrong meaning and always highlight the negative aspects of the card. Death may not be physical, it may signify the death of a project or plan. As the tarot foretells you about the bad events, you can actually take precautionary measures to deal with it. A death card signifies ending the prospects which are of no importance and the arrival of new possibilities. It also represents spiritual transformation. 
  3. Hierophant: Most of the time, people use Tarot reading because they want a specific answer, but the hierophant, instead of coming up with a yes or no, gives a neutral answer. This is the reason many people dislike it.
  4. Devil: If a Devil comes up in a reading, it might point to a life of fear and bondage. Also, the Devil card may foretell the ending of a relationship due to addiction or mental health issues, which could be scary. This is the reason many people hate the card. 

What does your least favourite card say about you?

Many people hate a card because they don’t get a good vibe looking at it. This tells a lot about their personality and soul. It brings out the messages their subconscious mind has. For example, a person who has faced toxic positivity will hate the Sun, the most positive card in the deck because it likely reminds him of the toxic person who was overly optimistic. Similarly, many people might hate the justice card because their life has been unfair. 

Hating or liking a card highly depends on the person who is reading the Tarot. If one hates a particular card, it is not necessary that the card must have more negative and destructive aspects. Just as no cards are fully positive, no cards can be fully negative too.   


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