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A List of the Top Five Beach Destinations near Rome

Rome shore excursion

Rome, one of the historic cities of Europe, attracts tourists from different parts of the world. The ancient city boasts of its rich cultural history and heritage. But, it does not mean that visiting Rome is all about exploring the old-age monuments and heritage buildings. From Italian cuisines to the natural wonders, Rome magnetizes people for many reasons.

The beach holiday lovers should plan a Rome shore excursion. You can easily plan a weekend trip to the beach towns near this city. So, what should be your next beach destination from Rome? Find a guide to the pristine beaches located nearby Rome.

  1. Fregene

Located on the eastern coast of Rome, Fregene is a popular beach destination in Italy. A beach is a perfect place for honeymooners. You can spend quality time here with your partner, and the place attracts young people in most cases.

You can lazily spend morning and afternoon while the place becomes vibrant and lively after dusk. The alluring nightlife of the town will bring much-needed refreshment to your life. The place is popular among celebrity travelers, and thus you will get many posh and luxurious accommodations at this place.

  1. Civitavecchia

Your holiday in Rome should include a short trip to the Civitavecchia, a popular beachfront in Italy. You can catch a ferry service and take a tour of the virgin isle. Alternatively, you can spend your day enjoying sunbathing and water sports.

One thing that you should not miss at this place is the delicious local cuisines. Visit a cage or restaurant with your partner and spend quality time together with lip-smacking food. Besides unique Italian foods, you will get exotic drinks at the local cafes and restaurants.

  1. Sperlonga

A Roman holiday would remain incomplete without visiting Sperlonga, which is a blue flag beach. A blue flag beach refers to neat and clean roads and atmosphere. You can catch public transport from Rome to reach the place in 90 minutes. Renting a private car will make the journey faster and more comfortable at a higher cost than public transport.

The destination is ideal for a day trip, though you can also stay here for a couple of days. Tourists seeking Rome shore excursion can find many luxurious accommodations at Sperlonga at a reasonable price. The mesmerizing view of shallow water from this place will stay in your mind for a long time.

  1. Coastal Porziano

The Coastal Porziano is one of the best beaches in Italy, and the place is only 25 KM far from Rome. The beautiful coastline will captivate nature lovers, while the place’s cleanliness makes it a popular tourist zone.

The beach town offers an exotic nightlife, and you can find various pubs and bars to spend time with friends. Coastal Porziano is one of the most gay-friendly beaches in Europe, and thus people from different sexual orientations can freely and peacefully explore the place.

  1. Anzio

Anzio is a beach that embraces antiquity and modernity simultaneously. The place gives a chance to visit the ancient Villa Imperiale, which is the hometown of the famous Roman King Nero. You will find shallow and crystal clear water due to the presence of artificial breakwater.

Sunbathing and swimming are the most popular activities in this beach town, and you can walk on the coastal line to explore the pristine surroundings. Tourists must also visit the Anzio Beachhead Museum to observe various historical facts and stories about the place.

So, these are some popular beach towns near Rome. However, you can find many other beach destinations near this city. Driver in Rome is the place where you can find tour packages to explore the roman seashores.

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