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A Durable And Classic Wood Table, A Wood Table

Furniture is a significant financial outlay. You want a table that will endure a long time and won’t go out of style if you want to obtain the best value. Both of these needs are met with a solid wood extendable table. “Amish Made Furniture

Selecting the right wood for your project

There are different kinds of wood. Choosing the proper wood for your needs is critical when it comes to creating the ideal table. It is not always true that one sort of wood is superior to another. Rather, different woods are available in a variety of densities, weights, and price ranges. The type of wood you select will then be determined by your requirements.


The grain pattern of white oak is straight with a coarse, irregular texture when it is cut straight. The white wood grain pattern is transformed when the quarter turn cut is applied. Quarter sawn white oak parts will reveal the exquisite ray fleck patterns that are buried in a straight cut, similar to a tiger’s stripes. White oak has been extensively used for shipbuilding and the construction of barrels and casks because of its natural resistance to liquids and high rot resistance.

For a complete list of features and benefits, see our Quarter Sawn White Oak guide.


The sapwood of walnut is creamy white, with a rich light-to-dark chocolate brown heartwood. Black walnut was originally abundant in the rich deep soil of the eastern bottomland forest and was grown throughout the eastern and central United States. 150-foot-tall trees with 6-foot trunks were formerly commonplace.

For more information on the qualities and benefits of walnut hardwood, visit our Walnut Hardwood Guide.


Cherry wood is prized for its satiny smooth texture, exquisite grain pattern, modest natural shine, and, most notably, the deep reddish-brown patina that develops through time and exposure to sunlight. The cherry tree can be found all over the eastern United States, but it is most commonly planted in the northern and Great Lake states. Between 60 and 70 feet in height, cherry trees can be seen.

For more information on the qualities and benefits of cherry hardwood, check out our guide. 


Wooden tables aren’t all the same, even if they are traditional. Expandable wooden tables come in a wide range of styles, just like the people who use them in their homes. The following are some of your options.


There are many different types of hardwood dining furniture. A round, oblong, rectangular, or square table may be appropriate depending on your needs.

The round table was chosen by King Arthur so that no one would be placed at the head. Round tables, on the other hand, are a good choice if you want to seat as many people as possible. There’s no wasted space where you can’t seat someone since they don’t have any corners.

Round tables, on the other hand, can make a room feel claustrophobic. If you need extra space for something else, a square or rectangular table can be pushed up against a wall. This is particularly handy in multi-purpose spaces. 


When it comes to the size of a solid wood expandable hardwood dining furniture , there are several options.

To begin, determine the table’s size without leaves. The table will be the tiniest at this size. Then you’ll choose how many leaves to include.

Choose a smaller table that can accommodate more leaves if you require maximum flexibility. Additionally, if you need a larger table in the future, you may be able to purchase additional leaves. If your family grows and you need extra space, you’ll be able to do so. 


You’ll select your table’s stain in addition to the type of wood, shape, and size. The hue of the stain can range from a light tan to a dark brown that almost appears black.

Consider how your hardwood dining furniture stain will complement the rest of your décor while making your selection. For example, if your cabinetry and floors are light coloured, you may want to use a light stain to tie everything together. To increase contrast, you may use a darker hue.

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