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A Curated Kochi Tour Guide: Things to Do in Kochi

Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a port city and one of the most popular tourist sites in Kerala. It is located on the southwest coast of India. It’s understandable why tourists have been lured to the city for so long. It was once the main hub of India’s spice trade. Where else can you find residences with Dutch and Portuguese architectural features, an old Jewish synagogue, huge Chinese fishing nets, British Raj-era monuments, and temples that showcase Kerala’s rich artistic and architectural heritage? You can book Kochi Tour Packages to plan an ideal trip with your family or your loved ones.

Making an itinerary that includes each of these sights could be challenging. Here is a detailed Kochi tour guide for you to explore all of the top attractions and places to visit in Kochi and the amazing things to do in Kochi.

Places to Visit in Kochi

Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is the only location outside of China. Where you can view the Chinese fishing nets that serve as a symbol of Kochi. Credit for these Chinese fishing nets goes to the traders from the court of Chinese emperor Kubla Khan. The Fort Kochi shoreline is currently littered with 11 Chinese fishing nets, down from roughly 20 a decade ago. One of the earliest churches constructed by Europeans in India is St. Francis Church. Vasco House, where Vasco Da Gama is thought to have resided, is another notable structure in the neighborhood.

Visitors can also take pleasure in strolling around Fort Kochi Beach, which may be the only beach in the state to have Chinese fishing nets. It is also well-known for the Cochin Carnival, which is held on New Year’s Eve.


One of the busiest tourist destinations in Kochi, Mattancherry is an unusual combination of spices, handicrafts, culture, and cuisine. The name Mattancherry derives from the Brahmin household name Ancherry Mattam, which was rendered Matt-Ancherry by Western traders. A popular tourist destination in Kochi is Mattancherry, where Portuguese influence is evident, particularly in the Dutch Palace.

Bolghatty & Vypeen Islands

A short boat journey from Kochi’s mainland is Bolghatty Island, which is home to Bolghatty Palace, one of the oldest Dutch palaces still standing outside of Holland. Today, Bolghatty Palace is a hotel with a miniature golf course, a swimming pool, a 9-hole golf course, an ayurvedic center, and daily Kathakali shows. It is a popular resort for Indian and foreign tourists to stay in.

Cherai & Vypeen beach

Another island that is very well-liked by visitors to Kochi and Kerala is Vypeen Island. Pallipuram Fort, the first European-made fort still standing in India, was built in 1503 and is also located in Vypeen.

One of Kerala’s best beaches, Cherai beach, also known as Princess of the Arabian Sea, is located just off the Coast of Vypeen Island. It is shallow, peaceful, and perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Lulu Shopping Mall

India’s largest shopping mall, Lulu Shopping Mall, is located in Edappally and is owned and run by the EMKE Group. There are many marketplaces in Kochi where you may go shopping, but the Lulu Mall, with its air conditioning and more than 300 shops, restaurants, and food outlets, is a special pleasure.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive, contrary to what its name might imply, is a picturesque promenade in Ernakulam that has the rainbow bridge. Which has come to represent Ernakulam as one of the top spots to visit in Kochi. You can book Kochi family Packages can be booked to explore the fascinating attractions in.

Hill Palace Museum

Hill Palace, the residence of the former Maharaja of Kochi, was transformed into a museum in 1986. The museum complex includes an archaeological museum, a heritage museum, a deer park, a prehistoric park, and a children’s park in addition to displaying the crown and ornaments of the former Cochin royal family as well as paintings, sculptures in stone, and marble, weapons, inscriptions, coins, and more.

Amazing Things to do in Kochi

Look at Chinese Fishing Nets at Fishing Villages

One of Kochi’s most gorgeous sites is frequently cited as being the city’s Chinese Fishing Nets. According to legend, these nets were first brought to Kochi in the 14th century by a Chinese adventurer named Zheng He from the royal courts of the great Chinese emperor Kublai Khan. Additionally, you can purchase fish from local fishmongers and have it prepared in some shacks.

Play With Elephants at Elephant Training Center

In Kochi’s Ernakulam district sits the comparatively modest riverfront village of Kodanad. Additionally, it is the location of an elephant training facility where young and mature elephants are trained and bathed. You can take a day trip to Kodanad to take part in this singular experience and see the elephants in the early morning hours. One of the most entertaining things to do in Kochi is undoubtedly watching the elephants roll around and play in the water.

Watch Kathakali Dance Performance at Kathakali 

One of the best things to do in Kochi is watching the traditional dance performance. Kerala is the place where Kathakali, a classical dance style, first emerged. It is well recognized for its stunning and vibrant costumes. The dance genre features themes and narratives drawn from the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata as well as several other folktales. The Kochi Kathakali Center hosts regular performances and provides a behind-the-scenes peek at the performers as they get ready for the classical dance events.

Street Shopping and Cafes at Princess Street in Kochi

Princess Street, popularly known as Loafer’s Corner, is a popular tourist destination since it is one of Kochi’s oldest districts. Visit Princess Street if you’re looking for entertaining things to do in Kochi. It provides the ideal fusion of the old and the modern worlds.

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Renew Your Senses at Ayurveda Fort Spa

When visiting Kochi, immerse yourself in the world of Ayurveda and discover the many therapeutic massages and treatments available there. It’s one of the most popular—yet essential—things to do in Kochi in a single day to get the maximum level of relaxation and to open up your mind, body, and soul. The well-known Ayurvedic massage used in Kerala can refresh your senses and transform you into a better, fresher version of yourself. You should partake in this revitalizing activity here because Kochi is known for its ayurvedic medications and many health benefits.

Prepare yourself for an incredible experience that spans culture, history, and contemporary if visiting Kochi is on your bucket list for your trip to Kerala. The activities in Kochi mentioned above would make you fall in love with God’s Own Country. The tourist attractions in Kochi are utterly enthralling and will undoubtedly fill your suitcase with lovely recollections and aspirations. Plan a trip to Kochi with the Kochi tour packages offered by Lock Your Trip and get ready to discover Kerala’s true treasures and gorgeous attractions.

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