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Computers and Technology

9 Things to Consider Before Hiring ReactJS Developers for Your Project

sReact is faster and simpler in building user interfaces (UIs) of a web app. It is a flexible, declarative and efficient open-source library of JavaScript. In general, developers prefer to use React when they want to build fast, scalable, and simple single-page applications (SPAs). So, business owners if you want to build scalable ReactJS apps, hire React developers today. Starting today will be your first step towards your successful app running live shortly.

But hiring the best developer for your project from many developers available in the market is brutal. However, here are some facts to remember before hiring process. These factors will help you identify a professionally skilled React programmer.

Along with these factors, you can also look for the companies that outsource react development services. So, let’s begin with looking at each factor keenly and understand them.

What is React?

ReactJS is a JS library and is open-source for creating user interfaces and troubleshooting web page bugs. This platform is also ideal for developing single-page apps. Today, major internet giants, such as Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and others, serve as shining examples of how helpful it is to use React for their applications.

Although several platforms can be used to design UIs, ReactJS is the most popular. The perks that make it a perfect choice for many include its fast rendering, ease of use, convenience, construction of user-friendly UIs, and better versatility. This platform has the tendency to create a fully functional web application.

Hence, it can be a good solution for your tasks. However, while hiring a React developer, it is critical to evaluate various factors. Let’s see the factors that are necessary to keep in mind before the hiring process.

Hiring ReactJS Developers

1# Knowledge of ECMAScript and JavaScript

React Developers must know the JavaScript syntax, capabilities, operations and how to use it. As React is a JavaScript library, knowing JS is a fundamental skill a ReactJS developer should possess. Developers should know about hoisting, prototyping inheritance, DOM manipulation, JS scopes, functions, and event bubbling.

ECMAScript has some inevitable features that developers must use in React while developing the web app UI. It is necessary to test their ECMAScript knowledge too. The destructing feature of ECMAScript helps reduce JS code to create one-line code.

So, developers with knowledge of JS and ECMA will add to the Client’s requirement of making a scalable react app.

2# Technical Skills

Technical skills should be checked before hiring any developers. They should have the necessary technical skills to develop an app effectively. Here are some basic concepts a React developer should be clear of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS; these are common technical skills. Other than these skills, they should grasp React core concepts like JSX, React hooks, props, component life cycle, and virtual DOM. Also, they should have basic knowledge of testing tools to remove bugs from the app. Some of the testing tools are ESLint, Sentry, and Redux.

3# Testing tools and frameworks knowledge

Here are some tools that React developers might use in future to test their projects well:

  • End-to-end testing- Webdriver, Selenium, Nightwatch.js, Puppeteer, Cucumber.js,
  • For integration testing- Karma
  • For Unit testing- Sinon, Chai, Mocha, Jest, etc.

Testing is a rock part of a software development life cycle. There are React-hooks-testing-library and react testing libraries to test react components and hooks.

Developers must know how to use these tools to avoid mistakes and write better code. These tools help developers find bugs so that they can fix them. It saves resources like money and time as well because testing becomes easy.

4# Expertise in the Adjacent Technologies

For Reactjs developers, mastery of a particular technology or platform is insufficient. Additionally, they must be capable of working with various technologies and React-compatible frameworks.

A backend system or framework is first and foremost required for running a React.js application. React’s most powerful platforms/frameworks include, but are not limited to, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and Django.

Therefore, a React.js developer must have an understanding of these core technologies. Additionally, given the MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS) Stack is currently the most popular for constructing Fullstack JavaScript apps, your potential Reactjs applicant should have practical expertise with it.

In order to create a scalable and dependable React.js app, the programmer you employ must possess vast knowledge and experience in related technologies.

5# Redux Experience and Knowledge

The state management library of ReactJS is called Redux. It is yet another ability that any ReactJS developer needs. This state management system assisted ReactJS developers in resolving issues they had previously encountered with delayed React updates.

The core React team created this state management capability to address the issues with asynchronous React updates. It operates in accordance with the same immutability principles as functional programming. The programmers should be conscious of this. But it shouldn’t be seen as a universal answer to all problems.

6# Planning Tasks & Sprints Effectively

Regardless of whether the Reactjs programmers you hired will report to your project manager, they need to be able to arrange their duties and meet the deadline set.

Simply put, working with an overseas Reactjs developer skilled in sprint planning is essential. Moreover, to track and communicate the status of sprints, he or she must be familiar with task management tools.

7# Experienced in using Version Control Systems

A version control system will be required if the application (for which you are employing reactJS developers) is complex, demands the collaboration of several engineers. And requires frequent code changes to manage the code successfully.

People with experience using version control systems should be given consideration. when recruiting react developers. They would indeed be able to monitor changes to a particular project development using this.

Additionally, it streamlines and expedites the task of analysing older codes, contrasting them with much more recent codes, and fixing errors introduced by the most recent revisions.

The most popular version control system programmers use to store applications on code hosting services like GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab is Git. Other version control systems developers use include SFN, TFS, and others.

8# NPM Package and Node

NodeJS can quickly meet the requirements of the client-side, including front development. Simply add the React component to the NodeJS NPM package. For ReactJS developers, it is crucial to comprehend the NodeJS and NPM packages. This is especially relevant given that MERN. Among the most popular technology stacks, integrates NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, and ExpressJS.

9# Good at Soft skills

Effective Communication with the team is necessary. Misunderstanding is frequently the unrecognised cause of smooth development process disruptions and project delays.

Therefore, it is preferable to prefer recruiting developers with excellent written and verbal communication skills and to make frequent communication a crucial necessity.

Also, teamwork is essential in the formation of applications. As a result, you ought to look for skilled React programmers willing to share the effort.

Final Verdict

So, before hiring a React developer, these are some skill sets the recruiter should take a test. The candidate’s skills and experience can decide whether they will be a perfect fit for developing a flawless React app.

EnProwess Technologies is a global software and app development firm; we are a group of experienced Angular developers. We have showcased our intellect by working on numerous massive projects for our illustrious clientele worldwide. Connect with us soon to know more about our services.

Nimisha Kapadia

Nimisha Kapadia is the Technical head of EnProwess - an emerging custom software development company that offers mobile app development, web app development, dedicated developers, and software testing service at a competitive price. Her bold leadership and foresight have taken the company to great heights. She loves to read and share her insights on the tech industry.

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