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Reference and Education

7 Tips to Learn Quran Online Faster

Learning the Quran is a very virtuous deed that every Muslim should be doing regularly. It not only draws him or her closer to the Creator, but also serves as evidence of the rewards that will be bestowed upon him or her on the Day of Judgment.

Here are some tips for learning Quran online faster:

1. Keep Your Mind Clear

Before taking your online Quran classes, you should free your mind of any anxiety or unpleasant thoughts.

Direct all of your attention toward your ultimate objective, learning the Quran. The mind can only concentrate on a single thing at a time.

2. Create a Suitable Learning Environment

Find a quiet place in your house while trying to pay attention to your lectures. If you are sidetracked by the conversations and activities of other people, it will affect your learning.

3. Find an Experienced Teacher

It is possible to learn Quran quickly and easily with the assistance of a qualified online Quran teacher. You will be able to test your knowledge level constantly, ask questions and get rapid responses, and learn the Quran with a comprehension of what you are reading.

There are a variety of tutors and teachers who have been trained in the art of teaching and can assist you in learning effectively.

You can hire experienced instructors. Quranic Arabic is taught by highly educated and experienced Quranic Arabic teachers. They are well-versed in Islam and can deliver effective instruction.

4. Make Detailed Notes

Taking notes on a laptop or mobile device during the session may save you time. Taking notes with a pen and paper will help you learn and comprehend the material more effectively.

Writing out the information helps to develop comprehension and memory, even though taking notes by hand is slower and more difficult than typing on a computer or mobile device.

5. Ask Questions

Learning something worthwhile requires a significant amount of questions on the learner’s behalf.

As a result, you should not only pay attention to your instructor. You should interact with your tutor by asking questions that come to mind to better comprehend the material you are learning.

6. Prefer Short Sessions

Learning through shorter sessions is significantly more effective than learning through longer ones. The duration of a single session should ideally be between 30 and 60 minutes.

You will not exhaust yourself if you take small sessions. You can process the information easily.

7. Be Consistent

Success depends on maintaining a high level of consistency. When you’re consistent, you stay committed to your goals. You don’t let distractions get in the way of your progress.

Revise two or at least one Surah per day if you are really busy. On weekends and holidays, revise as many Surahs as you want. Maintain consistency with learning Quran.

Learning Quran Online Courses

You can choose from a selection of Online Quran Courses based on your capacity to learn and your personal preferences:

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